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We tried to go out on the second night too, we really did try. I fingered a caffeine tablet down each of the girls’ throats as they shared a bottle of Malibu, but we were just too spaced out from hitting it hard the previous night. 425 more words


The evolution of cell phones. Planet's first Android telephone

Phones have really come a long way since Innocenzo Manzetti played over having the technique of a “talking telegraph” in 1844. Innovation of the landline telephone came in leaps and bounds but it is the… 427 more words

Dejando Blackberry: Opción 1 Android Nexus 5

Primero, si bien utilicé un Nexus 5, en realidad me estoy enfocando en Android en general pues si bien algunos fabricantes le insertan mejoras en la navegación, básicamente Android es el mismo. 1,660 more words


Dialup, Broadband and 4G LTE

At the holidays we usually hang around at cricket grounds, on such holiday my brother get into the Internet center for chat. In 90s internet is the huge thing. 593 more words

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Make your smartphone battery last longer while travelling!

This is the age of smartphones, Instagram and constantly reporting where you are! The battery of a smartphone won’t last a day of your normal life at home, when you travel IT GETS EVEN WORSE! 572 more words


Eastern culture business mind sets are opposite of western culture.

I’ve been in Thailand now for nearly 8 years and almost daily I get reminded of how different eastern Asian business mind sets are so different from western business mindsets. 569 more words

Thailand Travel Tips

Apple & AT&T begin sending $40 checks to original 3G iPad buyers

Apple and U.S.-based wireless carrier AT&T have begun sending out $40 checks to buyers of the original iPad WiFi + 3G in the United States over a “bait-and-switch” regarding the device’s data plan. 161 more words

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