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On The Hunt for Super Powers

On most of the group meditations debriefs, someone is disappointed and says: “I did not see anything, it was a failed meditation “. No, it was not. 616 more words

Grow Yourself

Amethyst and the healing rays

Amethyst is a 3rd eye chakra stone. It’s purple. The raw amethysts and the goades have lovely crystals within them. The tumblestone polished version (below) is purple with white bands within it. 210 more words


Third Eye Chakra

3rd Eye/Brow Chakra/Ajna/6th Chakra

The Ajna is what you see with. You can see other worlds, energy and entities with the third eye balanced. Your intuition will be strong and your ability to ‘see through’ lies and the matrix we live in will be strong. 324 more words


Third eye pictures

Third eye middle of pic in hair…

I'll Die for you, and other stories.

Humans and certain insects Рespecially ants Рexhibit a rare trait from the rest of living organisms; ­eusociality. They form communities that contain multiple generations and where, as part of a division of labor, community members sometimes perform altruistic acts for the benefit of others. 185 more words

3rd Eye