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Al Jazeera Staff Imprisonment and the pretence of US Foreign Policy

SUNDAY JUNE 22: Secretary Kerry says the U.S. had recently released $575 million in assistance for Egypt’s military and he is confident 10 Apache helicopters will be delivered to Egypt soon.

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3rd Eye

What the illegitimate regime of Ashkenazi fake Jews & her Synagogue of Satan supporters the blood thirsty & racially unrepentant United States of white America forgot: prophesied holy city's name is 'New Jerusalem', not just 'Jerusalem' this time, devils; L(thefuck)OL!

It couldn’t be seen by Caucasians, recored by cameras or video and (apparently) wasn’t detected by Western satellites or any Western technology. But, according to hundreds to (now even) thousands of the city’s blacks (preceded by the sound of trumpets) the magnificent and prophesied City of Gold (better known as New Jerusalem) appeared over the downtown area and awed all who were able to behold her. 277 more words

New Jerusalem