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Warbotron WB01A Air Burst Review

So Air Burst finally arrived earlier this week and I’ve used the Good Friday sunshine to snap some pics and write a review. Read it here.



The whole internet (read: Transformers forums) has blown up because of a new 3rd party TF combiner, Warbotron. Warbotron is a MP sized version of G1 Bruticus, made up from five different Decepticon robots. 227 more words


2014 NY Gubernatorial Campaign: Media Covering 3rd Party Candidates in the 2014 New York State Gubernatorial Race

  Subscribe to the online Paper.li newspaper that Independent Media CNY is curating to follow 3rd Party politics      during the 2014 Gubernatorial race. Get all the news you need, not just what the major papers publish on the major   two parties!



Maketoys Hyper NOVAE (Hyper Nova)

Maketoys Hyper NOVAE / Hyper Nova
I gave up and forgotten about this 3rd party product completely after I saw the pre order price. 129 more words


Unique Toys Mania King (Galvatron)

PC broke down and bought a new tower.
Files were trapped inside and took me a while to transfer everything over to this new station, 142 more words