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Master Mind Creations Azalea!!! (Not Arcee!!!)

We have something awesome today, Master Mind Creations Azalea! I call her Iggy though…but I digress…This is MMC’s take on Arcee, and since the official Hasbro Arcee coming I had to have her to compare…so let us see just how does she rate? 478 more words


Maketoys Overheat, or Technobot Afterburner

We are down the the final leg…err…arm of the limbs of Quantron! Overheat, or Maketoys’ rendition of Afterburner is our subject of review. At this moment, I can say I have enjoyed the other figures of this set, hopefully the trend will continue…only way to know though is to read on! 355 more words


MakeToys Celeritas, Technobot Lightspeed

Quantron returns! We are looking at Maketoys version of the Technobot Lightspeed, or Celeritas! I really have no idea where they get these names from, but at least the toys are cool lol. 293 more words


WTF @ TFW - 327 - TFcon USA 2014 - October 26 2014

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It’s a 2-part Sunday podcast adventure from TFcon USA in Chicago Illin’ Noizey! First, we visit the tail end of Aaron’s 24-hour Extra Life gaming marathon, before heading straight into the WTF@TFW live recording panel that finished off the show. 45 more words


Why Voting (3rd Party) Still Matters

“Whatever happens, happens”

“I firmly believe that if you vote, you have no right to complain” – George Carlin

“I’m voting for two evils, so why would I bother?” 787 more words