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The IT Party

I propose a new American political party: The IT Party.

The platform would be centered around Refactoring and Innovation and Security, not (just) of the computer systems that government uses, but of the processes and institutions of government itself. 484 more words


DX-9 Salmoore!

Today I present to you a monumental figure…DX-9, a group that works with Unique Toys, has given us something fans have clamored for…they have risen to the challenge…of the Gobots! 354 more words


Like we see seasons of Lawn prints, selfie sticks or moustaches, we also saw a season of Winter Shopping Festivals being embraced  by almost all the shopping malls, at least in Karachi.

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3rd-party federation solutions for Office 365 (part 1): Celestix ADFS Bridge

As mentioned before, the purpose of this article series is to explore 3rd-party federation solutions that work with Office 365 and which can be an alternative to a Windows’ built-in ADFS server role. 1,859 more words


Maketoys Quantron! (Computron)

This is it faithful readers, yes both of you…I give you the final review of Quantron! This is the big guy himself! Now for that new reader to the site, I’m going to do something a little different. 1,045 more words