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Nostalgia Madness #1: 8MEG

I just found my old Play Station memorycards and got a short flashback from when we got the bigger 3rd Party memory cards we thought was awesome and extremely big. 754 more words


The 3rd Party Debate (or lack thereof) - An Editorial

In recent months, I’ve been asked by numerous people, either on Twitter, Facebook or by email “what’s up with you and anti-3P all of a sudden?”  Well, in order to clear the air, and for my own personal sake of clarity, I thought perhaps its time I get some stuff out in the open and explain where I’m coming from in the great 3rd Party Debate. 2,444 more words

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Warbotron WB-01B Combaticon Brawl

Warbotron WB-01B Combaticon Brawl
The first Bruticus from 3rd party which does not use any parts from Hasbro.
A completely 3rd party creation. Yet, it is also the biggest combiner ever. 184 more words


TFcon 2014 Preview - Maketoys Quantron Celeritas

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Peaugh’s Blindfire video is there too, since both involved filming at the Fan Media Panel.