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The ups and downs of a 3rd shift boyfriend.

So Patrick has been on 3rd shift for quite a while now. I have my reservations for it, and we knew that it was possible that it would happen with his promotion. 332 more words

I-Spy - Mad Axe Murderer Man (Spain): storytimewithjohn.com

After reading this post Mad Axe Murderer Man (Spain) on Story Time With John, I went to work. Work that night was so boring! Nothing went wrong. 110 more words


It May Be Summer Vacation For You...

…but when do I get to take a break?

I explained to my girls Thursday night, that once they are out of school (which they now are), there is not any reason in the world that I should have to get up and: 210 more words

What the Heck?

THIRD TRY on posting on this blog…….

Every time I post on this blog, it disappears when I publish it :-( It does not happen with the 2 other blogs I run from here. 125 more words



My heat-seeking missions get more strange by the day! The weather is hot, and I love to be warm. Mom didn’t get much sleep this afternoon since I refused to leave her (our) bedroom and wanted instead to soak up some sun. 42 more words

11 - 7

Working 3rd shift anywhere can be rough. It wrecks your sleep, your day to day life, and your personality or how you let it loose anyways. 253 more words