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Google Glass...a 3rd World Product or What ?

Been very interested in keeping up with the different reviews that are circulating from users of Google glass and analysing the different usages the people put the product through. 314 more words


100% renewables and a higher standard of living in a developing country.

We are often told by various idiots that burning coal is the cheapest form of electricity and that if we move away from it, poor people in developing countries will suffer. 72 more words

Almost all of the world’s biggest cities will be in Asia and Africa by 2030.

Tokyo is the undisputed champion of mega-cities.

With a population of 37.8 million, it dwarfs second-place Delhi. The Japanese capital has such a big lead in population that even though it’s expected to lose about half a million people over the next 16 years, it will still be the world’s biggest metropolis in 2030, according to a  12 more words

3rd World

Illegal Aliens: Disease Carriers, Criminals, Leaches and Fed Up Average Joe's

People all over the nation are striking back at plans by the feds to dump illegal aliens in their communities.  The extreme libertarians and liberals will tell you that “We are a nation of immigrants.”  They don’t know American history.   208 more words


U.N. to intervene in Detroit water shutoffs - USA a "3rd World Nation"!!!!

U.N. to intervene in Detroit water shutoffs.

aMeRiKa, Land of The Lost — So It Goes !!!!!!!

As a few of you know, Detroit, Michigan is a bankrupt city. 810 more words

First Impressions Of Cambodia

As the plane begins it’s decent into Siem Reap. Long dirt roads create lines in the tapestry of coloured squares of land below. Scenes of small communities that were once full of people are now clumps of tin and brick surrounded by an overflowing river. 501 more words


Third world children tackle first world problems

A group of five children from Eritrea in Western Africa (pictured on left) have come together to help out underprivileged upper-middle class white adolescents from the United States. 204 more words

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