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Knowledge is Power: Assema

Knowledge is power and is the second target of the Millennium Development Goals, “Achieving Universal Primary Education.”

United Nations Development Program cites that in the last 10 years improvements were made, declines in recent years as drop rates increase. 207 more words

3rd Year

Hunger in Britain isn’t Real

Poverty is rarely associated with developed countries and within the last 3 years it has been a topic for Britain.

13 million people live below the poverty line in the UK, according to the leading Food Bank, Trussel Trust. 221 more words

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Population and Poverty: Microfinancing

The planet holds over 7 billion in population and continues to grow every second, extreme hunger and poverty is a profound and daily concern for the developing world. 370 more words

3rd Year

MDGs: Where's the data?

It’s that time again when Bob Geldof puts his musical patents to use as Band Aid 30 is here. The charity single “Do They Know Its Christmas Time”, sold 206,000 copies within a day. 377 more words

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Feed The World ... Just Not Today.

Feed The World … Just Not Today.

We asked do they know it’s Christmas
We sung it with all of our hearts,
We meant every word, were convicted… 347 more words

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Bringing 3D Printing to Developing Nations

Joshua Pearce’s group at Michigan tech have developed a mobile solar-powered 3D printer, which could hypothetically bring 3D printing to off-grid communities in developing nations. 125 more words

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