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Formative Assessment Feedback

Today I had my feedback from my end of term assessment. It didn’t go exactly how I wanted it to. I don’t feel like the tutors fully understood what I wanted to achieve with my collagraph prints. 257 more words

3rd Year

The Show!

The show


I wont lie to you or myself, I did really struggle with this process. I enjoy devising (or so I thought) and I have no doubt that I have learnt many new skills throughout this process but I prefer working with a structure or at least a vision of sorts to work towards. 365 more words


Dance and Ensemble ....

The Dance and The Ensemble


I have previously spoken about the dance that Lauren and Sarah choreographed and I believe I have also touched upon the ensemble so this will be brief! 640 more words




We had about 2 or 3 sessions with Sam in total, one of these was specifically for the “confident” singers. We went in and had a small session, we sung a scale round the piano which for some reason I found incredibly difficult to pitch! 675 more words



The vision for the floor layout was established very early on in the rehearsal process as, as I previously mentioned we carried out an exercise where the layout of the town or village was described then used masking tape to mark out the roads etc… It wasn’t until a 2 or 3 weeks before the show that there was a visual plan for the floor, once this was created we marked it out with tape and then used the tape as a guideline for movement and how large the space was going to be. 307 more words



Cheerleading/Lifts etc…

During the fire there was a lift with Dillains (Ida) once the fire had captured her 6 of us – Ged, Ben, Me, Tori, Sarah and Tayla would lift Dillians in a cross like lift and take her to the clock tower creating the illusion that she was dead. 251 more words





From working through the story in different rehearsals it was clear that one of our main focal points was that Ida was to be burnt in a fire, we had quite a few different rehearsals where we focused solely on trying to create the fire theatrically. 714 more words