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Miss Li - I Can’t Get You Off My Mind

My hiatus is coming to a very sluggish end, and I thought to celebrate I might post what this blog is meant to have on it. 107 more words


Design Enterprise

As this module draws to a close I look back upon it with very fond memories. It’s not often I say that I enjoy business lectures as much as I have enjoyed this module. 97 more words

3rd Year

Skinister-First Animatic

I managed to produce the entire storyboard by myself, allowing me to visually show my team and lecturers exactly what I was envisioning in my mind. 453 more words


Bad Backgrounds

An area in which I really tend to struggle in is that of drawing concepts for backgrounds. I know that this is a weak area for me, in hindsight I should have brought someone on earlier onto my project in order to create some designs for me but for our major pitch presentation I made an attempt at painting some backgrounds myself. 264 more words

3rd Year

Character Designs-Skin/Skinless Babies

For the babies with skin at the end of the film I thought it would be best to keep them looking like mainly normal human babies that are just characterised slightly to fit with the medium they are being created in. 190 more words


Character Design-Skins

Once the basic outline of my story had been established for the major project pitch at the beginning of term it was then my part to produce the character designs to give visualisation to my plot and really sell the film. 166 more words


My First Script

Ok it has been a very long time since I updated this blog and a lot has happened. Here will be a bombardation (new word) of a heck load of posts, mainly revolving around my third year project… 1,717 more words

3rd Year