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Fargo (1996)

Bundle up, because I’m going to drop some truth on you… this was my first time seeing this. GASP! Now, I know that I’m almost 20 years too late seeing this. 92 more words


Philomena (2013)

It sounds like a breed of horse but it’s really a movie about family. For the most part, I thought this film was pretty good. It has a lot of touching moments and a lot of moments that give you righteous anger. 80 more words


Independence Day (1996)

Don’t set off any fireworks yet. I used to adore this movie but now after many years and watching it again it has lost its unique alien glow. 79 more words


Goon (2011)

Hey…you…guys! No, this isn’t the sequel to Goonies but it is a pretty funny hockey movie. Sean William Scott goes from the Bouncer with a heart of gold, to a Goon (or professional Hockey Fighter) with a heart of gold. 76 more words


The 39 Steps (1935)

No this is not a really long recipe, it’s an Alfred Hitchcock movie. This isn’t one of his best films, but it does have some enjoyable parts to it. 85 more words


12 Years a Slave (2013)

For a movie clocking over two hours long, it didn’t feel like it went on for 12 years to me as an audience member. The movie was quite captivating at times and extremely hard to watch. 112 more words


Oldboy (2013)

Oh, boy. This one is pretty crazy. I loved the plot. Just absolutely loved it. I haven’t seen the original version of this yet, but I plan to for sure. 94 more words