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Polaris Redneck Riviera Scrambler Giveaway!

Win a Totally Awesome Redneck 4-Wheeler by Polaris! To enter, go to the Polaris Facebook page or click on the photo! Good Luck!


Diaper Cake!

Check out my wonderful Diaper cake creation this weekend! It’s a 4-Wheeler Diaper cake!!! 170 diapers!!!

Here are a few of the other diaper cakes I have made!

Why Build The Sportsman ACE?

Polaris speaks out about Sportsman ACE development

“Initially when we looked at the designs, there were some more sporty designs vs. utili- tarian designs, and like I said, we ended up in the middle. 163 more words


Why Did Polaris Build The ACE?

Polaris talks about the research behind Sportsman ACE

“Dealers view it very favorably in terms of getting people who currently aren’t buying into the market,” Longren said. 148 more words

Polaris Atv's

Why Did Polaris Build The Sportsman ACE?

Polaris speaks about the development of the Sportsman ACE

“The ability to introduce the product globally is becoming more and more important to us, particularly with products that have more global reach as opposed to a regional niche reach.” Longren never gets tired of launch day events for new products such as the Sportsman ACE. 122 more words


Polaris Sportsman ACE, Why?

Polaris talks about why they built the Sportsman ACE

“This one was maybe a little different because we had patents that were issued on the product about two years ago that showed the architecture,” Longren said. 65 more words

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