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There are more materials than pens and paints to sketch with. We used plain coloured origami squares this time. Ellen later explained to her dad what we did as “fold, tear, glue and fill in the details.” Yes we did use a felt tip pen to fill in the details.


You Don't Have to Say Please on the Soccer Field

“We” started soccer recently. I say “we” because it is a family affair – we all go and cheer on our 4 year old at practice. 380 more words

Help Our Windmill 2 Go

I am frustrated, so it is out. This weeks craft with Ellen was making an orange windmill as at the end of this month it is Kings Day in the Netherlands and will try to install some Dutch icons into my Australia loving daughter. 277 more words


My boys

E: “Hey dad somethings growing.”

Me: “What?”

E: Standing up. “Something is growing.”

Me: “What’s growing?”

E: “My boys are growing.” Lifts shirt and points to his pants to show me his 4 year old wood. 11 more words

Stay At Home Dad


On Facebook I saw a challenge to see what other things you could use as a paintbrush. For our sketchbooking session I decided to offer the girls 3 colours of paint and some pipe cleaners. 81 more words


What a 4.5 year old does these days...

Rides his bike without training wheels. Seriously. Two weeks ago, Mike just took him outside and said we are going to take these training wheels off. 139 more words

Blake's World

The Comforts of Home

Our daughter Allison has been traveling since she was 4 weeks old. (A trip from home in Redmond, WA to Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, NC to see Staff Sergeant Daddy become Gunny Daddy). 247 more words