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All Scars painting challenge – The Survivor Series - January.

Following the success of last years painting challenge one of our members suggested a monthly one for 2015 with those failing to complete in time being eliminated from taking part in the following months. 216 more words


Badab Campaign Turn 1 Cycle 4

Previous Cycle Results

40k1 – Battle on Sacristan (ruin invades) – 2 games played (1-1 draw)
40k2 – Battle on Crows World (secessionist invade) – 5 games played (3-2 secessionist) 619 more words


All Scars Vordrast Incursion – Stage 6 The final confrontation

Yesterday was the final stage of the Leicester All Scars Vordrast Incursion narrative campaign and I was facing the space marines of the Shadow Warriors chapter under the command of Jay. 844 more words


The Scribe

I painted this old metal figure up for my friend 40k Scribe. He was a bit damaged and I had to sculpt him a new nose, but I think he turned out pretty well. Have a look:

Change of plans!

Been enjoying testing out weathering techniques on white armour. Yup, white. For the attentive you’ll remember that I originally planned green but a mate changed my mind and boy am I glad for that! 60 more words


Episode one: Location Location Location!

Join Chuck, Scott and Bill for episode one of Bay Hammer Radio. In this episode the gang introduces themselves and sits down with Matthew Tracy, owner of Apokalypse gaming and Jim Yeh a local GT winner and tournament regular from the bay area. 93 more words