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The Watch: Chapter 1 - Planetfall pt 1.

A total silence strangled Lairum, a silence so complete and rare that it was unlike any other place in the entire universe, even the vast and empty expanses of uncharted space perpetuate some minor echo of activity, but Lairum did not; it was so soundless that it seemed very out of place in a universe where a moment of clarity is a precious thing. 1,161 more words


Transport Ideas for Warhammer - (Part 2) Delicates

A lil blab about this useful foam.  Then I do my debut blab on about my web ordering.


Long time no blog...

After almost a year of inactivity on this blog, I’m back!


The Maiden Voyage: Blood Knights Tactical Marine

Hello world, and welcome to The Table Top Standard! This is a blog about painting miniatures for use in wargaming hobbies (primarily both varieties of Warhammer, Flames of War, and the occasional WarmaHordes mini). 897 more words


Newest Addition - Simul Asino, Inquisitorial Stormlord!

Some might say that an Inquisitor with his own Shadowsword should be happy. Not this guy. Why permanently commandeer one Imperial Super Heavy when you can commandeer two?


Gray Knights alternate paint scheme

I wanted to paint up some Gray Knights to possibly ally up with my Ultramarines in a 40K game. Here’s a short piece on how I came up with my alternate color scheme for the Gray Knights. 497 more words


First Warhammer battle in a long time ...

I’ve been busy at work for a long time and I haven’t had the time to keep up with WH, computers games etc. as much as earlier. 487 more words

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