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Painting realistic ork skin - tutorial

So a lot of people have commented on how I paint my Orks and the skin tone I’ve chosen as well as some interest in a little tutorial on how I do it. 673 more words

PureChlor Salt Chlorine Generator (40K Gallons)

Reviews PureChlor Salt Chlorine Generator (40K Gallons) for sale

Please take a few moments to view the PureChlor Salt Chlorine Generator (40K Gallons). deals, in order to get an idea about the top quality and features of this product item. 53 more words

Landing pad render, ahoy!

…and that landing pad, unpainted, would look a little like this:

…anyone else getting a little excited? Stay tuned!


Raptor test model

I wanted to put together a visual demonstration of the tiers of painting service I’d like to make available, so I painted up this Raptors Chapter space marine. 117 more words


My, my; Is that a landing pad I spy?

The turrets are trucking along, but the landing pad is fully ready for cutting! The pad is 160mm x 80mm, making it exactly the size of 2 large- or 8 small-based X-wing miniatures. 41 more words


Newest Addition: Imperial Psyker Conclave

Back when Dave sold me a load of Imperial Guard, included in that bundle were some conversions he had made with Empire Flagellants and Cultists bits. 30 more words


Interlude, playing with the green tide formation

So got my second game with my green tide list at 1500 points

We rolled relic and dawn of war.

He got the warlord strategic trait with nightfight and loads of spells I’ve forgotten. 567 more words