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Blood for the blood God!

My new fancy painting table finally arrived. It really clutters the tiny space I have, but I definitely have a command center in which to paint things up. 679 more words


Grand beginnings

So for a while now I’ve been thinking about doing this. Every week or so I produce reams and reams of paper on my hobby stuff from army lists to mini games, the fact that I now do most of this on a PC or tablet is mostly to stop it getting underfoot (unlike the billions of toy soldiers I have lying around). 2,275 more words


"I am Kroot"

I saw a picture on Facebook the other day and it made me think… ┬áIf you’re a hobbyist, it’ll probably make you think as well. 293 more words


Bully boyz formation. Making my own, part 2!

This is fiddly AND time-consuming ;) Scratchbuilding meganobs that is!

With the leg hydraulics in place I mounted the bullies on their bases. Starting to look like something! 190 more words

Tactical Squads, Troops

Once a Scout has proven himself in battle and completed the decades of training required to make him a fully fledged Battle Brother, he is assigned to one of the Chapter’s Broods where he takes his place in one of the Tactical Squads. 416 more words


Introduction to Six Plus Painting

Hi all, just a brief introduction to the blog. I know there’s no one reading this at the moment as this isn’t officially live yet but I’ll keep it up here for future reference. 98 more words


Orks vs Adepta Sororitas

This was the first game in the campaign that we are currently playing in my game group.

Thank you Kaj for taking notes and pictures. 3,049 more words