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Battle Report: Nurgle vs Iron Devourers 1750 points

What a slog! Fighting Chaos is always tricky (especially for normal marines), and Nurgle is even harder. An entire army of Toughness 5 FNP Space Marines means excellent survivability. 1,430 more words


Thoughts on the new Astra Militarum / Imperial Guard Codex

Hi, this is Nullexcolo. I thought I’d share my first post on something that is a hot topic for most Warhammer 40k players at the moment, the new Astra Militarum 6th ed codex. 3,830 more words


Dire avengers

Been busy with Eldar again;

This time my first unit of Dire Avengers I have plans for a second unit and I am currently trying to decide if I should stick with the same scheme or reverse the colours. 10 more words

WH 40K

Steps to wisdom..

…I wish I had them planned out. I’ve often considered that having no plan is in fact a plan. Thursday night I busted out the Orks down at the club for a little game. 379 more words


Leicester All Scar Kill Team - Easter carnage

Yesterday was the first (hopefully of many more to come) Leicester AllScars Kill Team event. We had 14 players facing 6 rounds (one for each mission in the official dataslate) down at… 807 more words

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Making Objective Markers (sort of) on the cheap

Morning everyone! Unless wherever you are it isn’t morning. In which case, evening everyone! When it comes to using Objectives in games of 40k, I usually just use a dice or some equivalent. 308 more words


Deathwatch Chaplain

Finished the Deathwatch Chaplain. Here’s the pics:

Obviously since it was fast I should tell you – I drybrushed it a lot. The metal and bone is simple monocolor. 143 more words

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