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Last Stand at Eidolan - a 40k scenario

Hello chaps, just a little update today, my pal and I have finalised the fluff and the crunch for the scenario we are planning to play out this weekend, and I thought I would post what we have to date. 2,796 more words

215th Praetorian

New Grey Knights

Well I have been looking at Crowe and yes Crowe by himself does not look impressive, but with my Purifier Squad I see this…

Movement Phase: 206 more words


The next steps to....

So it has been two weeks! I do appologise for the gap but new job required some concentration!

So lets get to it….get your brush ready! 502 more words


Scions, campaigns and 'why I suck at scenery'...

Hello chaps, here’s another post to highlight the goings on in my hobby world since the last post. In this update, we have more finished Knightly Scions, an update on planning for a 1 day campaign, and my thoughts and feelings on wargaming scenery… 885 more words

215th Praetorian

Combined Forces

Overlord, Semp Weave, MSS, Warscythe, CCB- 210
Stormteks x2

5 Warriors: Scythe
5 Warriors: Scythe

Anni Barge


Adamantine Lance Formation



Total: 1800


All Scars Tounament 2014 - rnd 5 v Tyranids

This weekend saw the fifth and final round of the All Scars 2014 40K tournament, and I was facing the tyranid menace of Christian. Now I hadn’t faced tyranids since the days of 2nd edition and the old Dark Millenium set of psychic powers. 630 more words


Deathball v1.0 with final cover art released!

Hi guys,

today we are updating the Deathball rulebook to v1.0 which comes with the stunning final cover art made by Ross Carlisle (http://rosscarlisle.tumblr.com/ 12 more words