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Waste not, want not -- a look at the 2014 Blood Angels release

Right, before Christmas is finally upon us next week, let’s fit in one last review for this year, shall we?

Linked together with the Tyranid release by way of the… 2,589 more words


Walking Wounded Complete

I found a bit of time and I managed to get the greaves finished for the Dreadnought project.  Coincidentally, I received a message shortly afterwards from the new owner asking how it was going.  336 more words


Forging the Narrative - The Map is Set - Two Weeks to Go!

War is Beginning – The Louisvillewargaming.com Badab Conflict prepares to begin in a couple of weeks starting on January 4th.  Follow here to watch how it unfolds! 773 more words


I Like Trucking

The Ork Truck was the first really big kit I tackled. Like a lot of people I think I was (and still am) a little intimidated by vehicles, preferring small (read: forgiving) infantry models. 268 more words

Games Workshop

Walking Wounded Part Four

With the kids busy with a clean and organized play-room (yes, that was daddy’s doing) I was able to find the time for the dreadnought.  Well, not quite finished. 254 more words


All Scars Vordrast Incursion – Stage 4

Today at Tabletop Tyrants the Leicester All Scars descended once again upon the battlefields of Vordrast, unfortunately Grandfather Nurgle had paid several members a visit and we had a couple of players unable to make it. 998 more words


Chaos Space Marine Warpsmith - WIP 3

So much metal!

I think this is going to take far longer than anticipated but I hope the results will be worth it.

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