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V.410b R2 build sent to testing!!

Good news everyone – I have drawn a line on .410b and I have sent the build out for a few people to look over before I release it! 312 more words


Some new art and some new concepts!

Hey all! In preparation for the new LP that will post very soon, I wanted to show some new stuff off!!

First, the updated astrography (main screen) UI: 515 more words


Let's Play .410 build scheduled for 1.20!!

Hey everyone!

We’re making tremendous progress with the latest build of Imperia so we wanted to show off the new UI, character systems, and military in action! 78 more words


Here's Your Breakdown - Years Burning Down

I don’t know about the year burning down, but possibly my house after hearing this track. Despite being called Here’s Your Breakdown, there is no breakdown in the actual song, just a little middle eight. 143 more words


Tripod head, overlooking landscape. Larger.


Imperia Concepts - Pressure/Persuasion

So as an Emperor, you will have numerous ways to influence your leaders under your rule, ranging from benevolent to merciless. An important lever you will have is using your sector governors (and to a lesser extent, your system governors) to actually enact and guide your policies. 366 more words


Lucy (2014) Review

“Lucy” didn’t last long before I began to re-evaluate my expectations.

“So this is a movie about a girl who uses 100% of her brain to get really smart? 876 more words