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John Favreau wrote and directed this film about a talented chef who is persuaded by the restaurant owner to stick to an unoriginal menu when a critic visits. 472 more words


Edge of Tomorrow

Now I’m not a fan of Tom Cruise and there’s precious few films that I can stomach watching with him in. I usually find that there is little difference in the roles he chooses and whilst there is nothing in his performance that surprised me, there wasn’t anything that was so bad that I wanted to launch myself from a balcony either. 276 more words


Survival Of The Fattest

The Rangers at Katmai National Park had a bit of fun on Facebook yesterday: they ran a contest, with their followers voting on who was the fattest star from their bearcams this summer. 255 more words

National Parks

Night Moves

Josh (Jesse Eisenberg) is an environmental activist and along with two friends, they plan to blow up a hydroelectric dam. Harmon (Peter Sarsgaard) has been a friend of his for a while. 88 more words