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City of bones (Mortal Instruments - Book 1) by Cassandra Clare

This is one of those books that I decided to read because other people loved it. I watched the movie and didn’t mind it so I expected the book to be an even better version of the movie. 454 more words

Rated PG

Seven Days of Moffat: The Time of Angels

The Eleventh Doctor and River Song meet for the first time?  Is it everything it’s cracked up to be, or just a cracked statue?

Science Fiction

Móricz Zsigmond - A boldog ember - Kritika

Egy nap fökelén ahogy teszek veszek, ídesapám ugrik elém, kezibe egy vastagforma könyvel. Ezzel legyél tudálékos édes fiam! Mondtaja hangosan miközben mutatóujját az ígnek szegezte. Kikapván kezibű a könyvet látám, hogy az nem más, mint egy Móricz írás! 516 more words


The Line - 4/10

From the makers of 2048, the world gets a new frustrating-still-kinda-fun game, The Line.  The object is to move your little dot left and right to remain in the confines of a white pathway.   352 more words


Majestic Mount Rainier, 14,410

It’s not the tallest mountain in the lower 48, but it’s the most beautiful. The Rockies are just as beautiful and even taller, but they are clumped together. 33 more words


A couple of days after my night out at the butterfly club, I went to see my 14 year old bro in his first school play. 386 more words