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Friday Update

Welcome to the first ‘Friday Update’.  One of the suggestions from a recent Advisory Council meetings was to have a ‘Friday Update’ page to identify all the updates done with the Relocation Specialist software during the last week. 414 more words


Get the 411 on Parenting

The Baby 411 series of books is an extremely useful source of sound, empirically-supported information for both new and seasoned parents. Although they are intended to be reference materials, I have read Pregnancy 411, Baby 411, and Toddler 411 cover to cover! 42 more words


Images Option Expanded to Agents and Contacts

For those of you who have purchased the Images option you now have expanded capabilities.

The Images option has always allowed you to upload and store images, files, BMAs, contracts, whatever you want for a particular Client record.  180 more words


ReloSpec Theme 'Ultra' and New Icons

There are now ten (10!) different Relocation Specialist color ‘Themes’ to choose from.  And the latest has something very special.

The new Theme is named “Ultra” and it contains the new icons being introduced this week.  103 more words


ReloSpec Facelift Is Coming Soon

Perhaps by now you have noticed the new icon buttons on the Relocation Specialist Main Menu page. We hope you like the new look!

Similar icon changes will soon be viewed on the Clients page (used to be called “Referrals List”) and most related pages such as Notes, Tasks (used to be “To Do” and now labeled “Tasks (To Do)”, and others.  285 more words


Add Some Color to your Referrals!

Want to add some color to your Referral records? Do you need to expand beyond the standard “Blue”, “Green”, “Red” and “Yellow”? Now you can! Four new colors have been added to the list. 62 more words


New corset

I just got my very first corset in the mail! Yay! I’m currently “seasoning” it, which means I wear it for short periods of time in order to help it mold to my body. 104 more words

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