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42 (2013)

Stories of the underestimated seem to resonate with us as a culture. When we see an underdog overcome great challenges before them, it becomes a story that becomes personal for any individual. 579 more words


Tuesday, April 22nd


Stewed Prunes 301

Fruit Muffins 43

Peach Preserves 716

coffee for adults (milk for children)


Cream of Tomato Soup 960

crackers (soda)

Cabbage Salad… 700 more words

Oh the places I'll never go!

Tell us about the top five places you’ve always wanted to visit. GO!
Daily Prompt: The Wanderer

I’ve always dreamed of visiting the Castles of Europe. 227 more words


8 Business Adages For Better Businessing

I have a bad habit of summing up complex professional situations with made up on the spot business adages that we all then groan about. In an effort to keep track of those sayings and create easy and semi-empty content for my blog so that I have something to post to my different social networks (especially… 153 more words


Finish That Thought #42 - "Sleep is a marvellous thing..."

Here is my offering to the Finish That Thought prompt challenge. This week, the opening sentence is “Sleep is a marvellous thing”, and the Special Challenge from the Judge is ‘ducks’. 529 more words


StuH 42 running again

Kubinka tank museum is place that does not need introduction to any modeller or armour fan. Recent addition to their vast collections is beautifully restored Stuh 42 that was put into running condition again – check out the video below. 33 more words