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Fujifilm FinePix 16.2MP Digital Camera with 42x Optical Zoom (S8500)

The FinePix S8500 digital bridge camera has something for everyone to enjoy. Highly regarded for their high precision FUJINON lenses, simplicity and compact design, FUJIFILM all-in-one bridge cameras, like the S8500, are an excellent choice for any enthusiast photographer looking for a step-up in their camera kit.

Lensbaby .42X Super Wide Angle Accessory Lens (Black)

Converts Lensbaby optics from a 50mm focal length to a 21mm focal length, while only slightly shrinking the Sweet Spot. Compatible with the Double Glass, Single Glass, Plastic, and Pinhole/Zone Plate optics as well as our legacy Lensbaby lenses 37mm threaded and screws onto the front of any…