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During this past fall and winter I’ve connected with some of the best minds in the US discussing the concern that kids today will live 5 years less than their parents all due to inactivity and poor eating habits. 95 more words


One more time....Liz

I hate mondays, I really do…the only good thing about that day it is when it is over….but this Liz’s painting is not over yet, still missing something or maybe it is just that like a young teenager who pin on the wall pictures of his favorite actress, singer or model, I just can’t let her go….maybe I should start another painting of her, but It just came back to my mind that I already have two paintings of her going now, so maybe I should at least finish one before getting to another of her…in the meantime the latest version…. 265 more words


Ohhhh what to do on this lazy saturday afternoon...

2014-03-22 Samedi, Saturday

Ah what should I do today, feeling a bit very lazy…maybe should just start by showing a new version of this Liz’s painting… 245 more words


She's coming that Liz?

Well it’s about time isn’t it? for me to show a pic of Liz’s painting, enough saying it is coming, varnishing the painting and so on, so even If I am quite tired tonight, as usual I try to post something on my site JMR-ART, and tomorrow I will be hiding in front of my computer, during lunch time, so much for socializing…, trying to catch a bit of time while eating my great lunch, to post on WordPress, Blogger and other things on the net, sometimes I feel it is almost like a drug, no I prefer drugs, soft ones, like beer, and…ah leave the reader in doubt….:), I did not inhale it, can’t say that about beer and wine….:), so the pic… 197 more words


Unha da semana - Azul brilhante...


Estou amando meus esmaltes da Flormar…

Duram muito e a cor é lindaaaaa…

Azul 431 e Prata 392…

Brasileiros Na AUstria