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God gets the Glory

I just got home from a Cardinal Baseball game with Kole, his friend, and his friend’s girlfriend. Anyways, it was a little crazy actually getting to the game, but then there was a game delay because it was raining. 438 more words

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Jesus Had It Rougher

I was having a rough day. My wisdom teeth are bothering me; I have a cold; nothing seemed to be going right; my day was just rough. 394 more words

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Wow moments.

Have you ever just had a ‘wow’ moment. Now, my bet is you haven’t had that many because, well, they are special. All you can do is just sit there. 117 more words

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Fake Fruit

Fake fruits aren’t very good.

One of my small group girls imparted this nugget of wisdom to me this evening. We were talking about the fruit of the spirit when she says that simple yet profound truth.

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My New Idea

I feel like my life has been kinda… I don’t know… “blehish” lately. Anyways, I feel refreshed with life. I know, so generalized and cliche. But, it’s the truth. 144 more words

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I am the leader of a small group of high school girls at my church, and we are in the middle of 1 John. But, that is besides the point. 129 more words

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