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CowboyStudio 48Inch Photo Studio Soft Box Lighting Tent

Props is the last thing to look for when putting together a home photography studio. Such things as ornate chairs, mirrors and cuddly stuffed animals should be props. 291 more words

Uncovered Flash Furniture MATCM11113FDGG 36Inch by 48Inch Carpet Chairmat

Carpet is flooring that is easy to combine with window coverings and furniture as it is available in many colours and textures. Moreover, it is comfortable it exudes luxury; it is fashionable and has many other advantages. 342 more words

Usa HoneyCanDo SHF01606 3Tier Shelving Holds 200Pound Per Shelf

Open steel shelving is mostly found in a warehouse environment. These shelves are usually stacked in open spaces. This makes it easier for people to gain access to products from either side of the shelving units. 256 more words