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What is the Enactive Mind?


So far on this blog I have written about the Extended Mind and the Embodied Mind. I will be continuing this trend by writing about the… 2,232 more words


Episode 7: How about a game of Caravan

So yeah. I have been on a Fallout kick as of late. Hence the title. Also, we are looking at maybe starting up a Fallout podcast in addition to this one. 25 more words


How to Race a Chariot

This week, I’m very pleased to be hosting my very first guest post. Paul Baalham co-wrote Defenders of Midgard and the Midgard Bonus Bestiary, and contributed to the… 1,293 more words


Episode 6: Everyone Loves Bone Jokes. They're Humerus!

Know how that one time the party ruined my plans? There’s no reason for that trend to stop, is there? Of course not! You give this a listen while I go and cry. 14 more words


The Raven Queen- 2014 Photo Gallery

Every Friday I play Dungeons and Dragons 4e. It’s always a good time and  enjoy making my character’s back story and designing their appearances. As such, I wanted to do a tribute cosplay to one of my favorite 4e goddesses: the Raven Queen- Goddess of Death. 140 more words

What I Do and Do Not Like About D&D

Raven Crowking posts here about why it is important to be honest when talking about 5E: the latest rendition of Dungeons and Dragons.  He rightly points out that letting people know what you don’t like about something is as important a letting them know what you do like.  974 more words


Episode 5: We've Got Cabin Fever!

Do you enjoy long-winded discussions on the construction of fine log cabins? Do you appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into a handmade table? Have you ever wondered how hard it is to get the permits for a building in the middle of unincorporated woodlands? 45 more words