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Sundering is at an end

@socksieboy01 Nope – timeline is not making a huge leap forward. The spell plague is over and the Sundering is at an end, but that's it.

— Mike Mearls (@mikemearls) August 7, 2014

CR monster power

@pointsevenone So CR represents a monster's power. You should avoid using monsters with a CR above the party's average level.

— Mike Mearls (@mikemearls) August 9, 2014

[map] Kallmark

Kallmark, a harsh land with long, cold winters and short, cool summers. Mostly stubborn humans and easygoing dwarves inhabit the settlements, with the occasional tiefling and stray hobbit. 169 more words


Episode 12: Harpies and Healing -or- Crones and Cures


The journey through the darkened cave city of no good times continues! What will they come across? Well, you should probably read titles better, shouldn’t you? 25 more words


Is the Sorcerer weak?!

Some players pointed out, that the Sorcerer seems kinda lacking, if you compare it with other arcane main-casters like the Wizard and the Bard, while even the Warlock seems kinda stronger in comparison, even though this is a totally different class right down to the base. 2,056 more words


Feats of Strength or more like Strength of Feats

First, I got this warlock-guide posted by Mephl1234 in the WotC-Forum. It’s interesting, even though I might disagree with some points, but I won’t pondering about that… for now. 2,585 more words


Too late - Session report

Campaign: Caldera (4e)

The campaign starts with the Heroes meeting up in one of the 5 pentarchy kingdoms for a coronation.
(This particular kingdom was being run by a regent, the father of the crown prince and younger princess,) 580 more words