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NVIDIA's latest GPU crams 4K images on 1080p displays

Back in February, NVIDIA trotted out the very first desktop GPUs to feature its new Maxwell architecture: the GeForce GTX 750 and 750i. These entry level cards were paragons of efficiency, but they were hardly strong examples of what the company’s latest graphics technology was truly capable of. 734 more words


Geforce GTX 980

코드명 Maxwell. 2048 코어 / 1126Mhz / 4GB GDDR5 / DP 1.2 / HDMI 2.0 (4k지원).

MFAA, DSR, VXGI 오큘러스 리프트 지원과 같은 신 기능과 함께 높아진 성능에도 전력 소모가 억제된 것이 특징.

가격은 980이 549$, 970이 329$.


What is 4K

What is 4K?

Ultra HD (4K), or Ultra High Definition, is the next big step in HDTV resolution. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) defines an Ultra HD television as one that displays at least 8 million active pixels, with a lower resolution boundary of at least 3,840 by 2,160. 188 more words

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Leica S (Type 007). Medium format for $25.000

During Photokina imaging fair, Leica presented the new top model of their S-System Medium Format camera line. The actual camera completely represents its prototype. Nothing has been changed. 544 more words

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Shutterstock: Bringing Foursquare's New Brand to Life

Shutterstock blogger, Jordan Roland, takes a look at how their extensive library of stock footage was used as part of a re-branding project for location-based social network, Foursquare: 199 more words

Theia to demo 4K/ 20mpx fisheye lens (ASIS 2014 & Security Essen)

Theia will demonstrate a prototype of its SY190F 190 degree up to 20 megapixel fisheye lens at ASIS 2014, booth 1543. 

The SY190F lens is designed to support a 1.2 micron pixel size and provide >400 lp/mm resolution in the center and >200 lp/mm at 85deg off axis field angle – right where you need the most resolution. 89 more words

Apple just accepted a rare $999 app

This week, [...] Vizzywig 4K debuted. This hyper-deluxe iPhone application “captures full 4K resolution photos at the rate of 24 photos per second along with synched audio” rather than capturing video. 91 more words

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