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Small handsets with great cameras ...

A year or two ago I got hold of the Red EPIC, a professional camera that is able to shoot in 4K resolution. It was part of the project related to my bachelor thesis. 273 more words


Samsung F9000 TV experience

As Samsung 4K product line of high-end products, F9000 addition to the physical resolution of 3840 × 2160 quad full HD, other indicators and configuration also quite good. 803 more words

Review: CalDigit's Mac hub Thunderbolt Station 2 competes on pricing, size, and build quality

Despite USB 3.0’s growing popularity with consumers, Thunderbolt remains a viable alternative for professional users, particularly video makers willing to pay a premium for guaranteed high speeds. 783 more words


Clark Howard: HDTV prices are set to drop

Over the next few weeks, you’re going to see some great deals on HDTVs. The reason? No, it’s not the lead-up to Super Bowl XLIX. It’s because the next generation of 4K TVs are getting ready to dominate the retail space. 321 more words

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Netflix is trying to push the next big eye-grabbing video format into the mainstream

Last fall, Netflix debuted a new tier to its streaming service, offering a small catalog of 4K content to those with ultra-HD TVs. CEO Reed Hastings considers the move a long-tail plan: As people upgrade their TVs, demand for high-resolution content will eventually soar. 260 more words

Why you might replace your TV with one of these

Flat-screen TV sales soared over the past decade as prices decreased from thousands of dollars per set to hundreds. Now, the next wave of flat-panel televisions—even-higher-definition, beautiful “4K” sets—could finally be set to take off. 232 more words