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Cover for the Central Circuit’s April 2014 issue.

Turkish PM Erdogan Bans Twitter - Usage Soars

“The international community will say this and that , and it doesn’t concern me one bit. will see the power of the Turkish Republic.”  Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister, Turkey, March 20… 717 more words

4th Estate

I haven’t been able to sleep properly these days.

My heart’s filled with grief over the way things have turned out around the world. I don’t know which brings me more sorrow – the fact that the world is in a scary place right now yet there are those who are too self-absorbed to care or that realization of how insignificant I am in this fight for justice and salvation. 153 more words


There are some problems that are rooted so firmly in the ground that it scares me.

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4th Estate