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Wedding Crasher: Bold Thief Steals Gifts During Reception

An extra guest didn’t show up to a wedding reception to offer his congratulations, but instead showed up to take the couple’s gifts.


Capture your Grief Day 13

#captureyourgrief #whathealsyourheart
Day 13: Season
I actually had to think about this day, the answer did not come easy. Do I associate summer with Ruby since she was born in July, or do I associate more with autumn when everything is Ruby red? 385 more words

Skeletal Dysplasia

Like Fireworks

i love looking at the midnight sky
& it being lit up

like fireworks on fourth of july

makes my heart flutter free
like a butterfly.


My Fence Fell Down, So I Made Stuff

The morning after a wind storm we awoke to our fence laying flat on the ground.  Not the best news, but at least I had a whole bunch of distressed wood to make a few things.  238 more words