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Collaborative Writing

Lady Diana

Lady Diana is a beutiful girl. She’s 16 years old. She from Dominican Republic but she lives in Switzerland because her mother lives there. She has one brother. 74 more words

Collaborative Writing


Everything started when I was only 2 years ago. Peter went to the supermarket to buy the dinner. His parents weren’t at home because they were meeting some friends and Peter was alone at home. 80 more words

Collaborative Writing

The Wild Hog

There was a wild hog in a far land. He was the wildest hog in that country, and everyone respected him. He did crazy things such as free falling without parachute, falling on a mat. 53 more words

Collaborative Writing

Madame Louisan

New Hat is much smaller than London and it’s a very cold place. Madame Louisan is living in New Hat and she is simple, free and  the most beautiful woman in the place. 154 more words

Collaborative Writing

The unknown men

In a village situated nowhere

lived men with a lot of problems

people escaped to somewhere

Nobody knew who he is and where he lives, 21 more words

Collaborative Writing

The cursed chest

My name is Eduard Johnson. I am fifteen. My family has a big secret. I discovered the secret last year when I went to my uncle Tom’s village.  68 more words

Collaborative Writing