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Smart Marketing at it's Finest - 5-Hour Yummification Commercial

Have you ever tasted a 5-Hour Energy shot? Don’t get me wrong, these things work wonders for keeping you awake on a long drive, or giving you the extra boost to make it through a long work day, but WOW are they hard to get down sometimes! 228 more words


This Week In Cascadia - 5-Hour Energy Getting Sued

Warning: What you are about to view has been produced in the context of not taking anything seriously. If you fail to take it in as such and take this video seriously, you are an idiot and we hope you have a wonderful day. 10 more words


Why Are 3 States Suing The Makers of 5-Hour Energy Drinks?

Vermont, Washington, and Oregon are suing Living Essentials, the maker of 5-Hour Energy, a popular product that sells millions of units a week. The small bottles contain a highly concentrated dose of caffeine, along with a few other ingredients: 221 more words

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Best Gaming Drink is...

Most people when playing their favourite games often have food sitting beside them or a drink to keep them going for ages through big COD tournaments or Halo competitions, but what is the best Type of drink to keep you going for hours without end in gory madness? 347 more words