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Love Languages

A while back, I was doing some pinning and came across a pin about love languages. If you are new to the concept basically it says that each person has a specific way that they interpret love.  633 more words

5 Love Languages

Day 3: Know Your Love Language!

I know what you must be thinking…”How do Love Languages have anything to do with GOALS”?  Well, it has been my experience in life, that once you understand the way that your heart and soul best absorbs love, you can better love yourself and those around you.   703 more words

Goal Setting

5 Love Languages

Love is something that everyone needs although everyone receives it in different ways. The 5 Love Languages are gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and physical touch (which I will explain in more detail later in the blog post). 544 more words


Love, Me

When Janan and I did the 5 Love Languages test together last week, I completed the test relatively quickly but Janan struggled. We were supposed to choose between two options, like, ‘It is more meaningful to me when… 1) my partner and I hug OR 2) my partner leaves an encouraging note for me.” Hahaha, he struggled because for so many of the questions, he kept saying, 300 more words

By Sherry

I AM not doing Christmas this year.

Yep, you read that right.  We’ve decided that we will not be doing Christmas this year.

Well not ALL of it, just the materialistic part.  I throw a party every year, Joel finds the best holiday cocktails and I love all the fun, festive appetizers (thanks Pinterest). 492 more words

Are you your husband's mistress?

My husband says that I can make a friend anywhere.

If I am in a restaurant and I excuse myself to go to the restroom, I always come back with a friend to introduced to him or at the least I will be able to tell him her life story. 654 more words

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