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5 Reasons to Carry Vintage COACH

There’s nothing in the world quite like Coach leather. God, it’s like BUTTER. Soft, supple, yet with a certain heft that says, “This is the real deal.” And finding this stuff at a thrift store price? 549 more words

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5 reasons I'm finding it hard to write today

Some days I’m so pumped to work on my current writing project that I get on my computer before it’s even light out. My characters speak to me, the story plays out in my head like a movie, and I can’t wait to get it down on paper (well, on the computer screen). 242 more words

5 Caffeinated First Cup Compliments

  1. Women metabolize caffeine slower than men: I began to notice that I drank more coffee than the normal person around the age of 20. Even when I interacted with adults I would drink more coffee.
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Top 5 Things to See at the EMP

The EMP, otherwise known as Experience Music Project, is a nonprofit museum that is filled with contemporary pop culture from Jimmy Hendrix to The Game of Thrones. 369 more words

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5 Reasons to Attend Fall Ball

Fall Ball: Jazz Age is right around the corner. Are you ready to get jazzed? Here are a few reasons why you should attend Fall Ball: 235 more words

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5 Reasons To Go Outside This Winter

At the end of January I am going travelling around Mexico, Cuba and Peru with a friend. I cannot wait! We decided that we wanted to trek up Machu Picchu as it will be such an amazing experience. 225 more words