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5 Simple Ways to Accessorize

One of the best and most timeless ways to accessorize is by utilizing your natural assets.

Here are my 5 top ways to accessorize an outfit using just your face, hair and nails! 870 more words

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HP, the economy and Black Friday — what to watch for this week

Hello friends and Fortune readers.

Thanksgiving week is upon us here in the U.S. While things will slow down stateside come Wednesday afternoon, there’s still a lot going on worldwide. 600 more words


5 Takeaways From Bill Cosby

From Cliff Huxtable, the hilarious and loving father figure to the punch line of jokes and recipient of rape allegations. The reputation and image of Bill Cosby has seemingly changed over night. 957 more words


15 Things you will only understand if you are doing a fashion degree...

1. You are now an expert at creating mood boards, and you will soon learn that spray mount takes weeks to clean off your desk… 286 more words


5 Habits I might take home

While being here in Arlington, I’ve developed an array of new habits, both good and maybe not so good, that I have a feeling will be coming home with me. 257 more words

5 Reasons #IPlayBioWare

Amid a lot of nastiness in the gaming community back in late Summer, #IPlayBioWare was created on Twitter (read this Dialogue Wheel post ‘Why #IPlayBioWare and Think You Should, Too’ 468 more words

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Obama on immigration and China’s rate cut — 5 things to know today

Hello friends and Fortune readers.

Happy Friday — the last one before the Thanksgiving weekend. Earnings season is slowing down, but the political season is heating up after the failed Keystone XL vote this week in the Senate, and President Obama’s new immigration push. 479 more words