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Bad Romance

I am a terrible writer in that I have definitely not read enough books. I was really bookish as a kid but when my true passion for movies took over I became far more picky and read far less. 1,918 more words


Fifty thing got me crazy... in... love...

It totally does it for me.. my Fifty – where are you?


Unhealthy Relationships: A Primer

I just want my readers to look at this chart (I mean, I can’t force you, but please please have a look?) and consider everything we’ve learned about Ana and Christian so far.

Source: University of Wisconsin


Gay Marriage, Montana, and the Myth of White Christian Power

It’s hardly a secret that in the eyes of most liberals and leftists, white Christians are the embodiment of evil. From the usual tired rhetoric about “privilege” to… 869 more words


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Hm… a trecut ceva timp de cand v-am dat un update in ceea ce priveste cartile care se gasesc pe noptiera la mine. Adevarul este ca in ultimele doua saptamani nu prea am avut timp de citit. 568 more words



Numerous media outlets have bombarded society over the last several years with varied opinions in regards to a multiplicity of aspects of sexuality. I would dare say, none has been more blatant in recent days than the popularity of the trilogy of books known as… 474 more words


Books V.s. Audio-Books -What is Better?

I am sitting here listening to the Neil Patrick Harris Choose Your Own Autobiography -audiobook of his Hollywood life that is in 6 parts in mp3 format, as I type this blog post. 511 more words