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A Superhero

What are the characteristics of a superhero? Strong, brave, outstanding, and a fighter for good all these aspects embody Wonder Woman. In the film, Wonder Women, it tells the story of Wonder Woman’s life, her ups and downs all exposed for fans to read. 406 more words

10 Books That Made Me Squirm

There’s a difference between being afraid and feeling uncomfortable. Funnily enough, the typical run-of-the-mill horror works rarely make me squirm. Sure, they scare me sometimes, but they don’t leave me with stomach-turning discomfort or sense of unease.  1,429 more words

10 Books That...

When the Spice is Right

What does an erotic romance writer do when she’s not writing about sex? Read about it, right? Well, full disclosure, I had never even heard of the erotic romance  genre when I wrote my first erotic short. 396 more words

50 pilkų atspalvių kolekcijos sekso žaislai

Kaip galinga banga pasaulį perskrodė knygų trilogija „50 Shades of grey” (50 pilkų atspalvių) ir pakeitė daugumos žmonių nuostatas apie kitokį, įdomesnį seksą. Ši knyga iš karto tapo greičiausiai parduodamų sąraše, ją įsigijo net 80 milijonų žmonių, ji buvo išversta į 50 kalbų ir tapo tikru best seleriu. 406 more words


Finding Something To Read!

I don’t know what it is.  But there’s something about being up late at night that makes me want to write, and that gets me motivated to get myself back together. 213 more words

How to Trick Girls Into Thinking You're Sexy

There’s a guy online named Christian (as in Christian Grey) who says he knows the secret to attracting beautiful girls, even if you’re “a poor, ugly idiot.” He says women don’t even know this secret themselves, because it’s deeper than the conscious mind, and has to do with… 496 more words