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Reading 50 Shades pt.6 - Christian Grey has an alien penis

As a dare, I read 50 Shades of Grey and blog about it here. 

That statement is half true. I am reading 50 Shades of Grey and am blogging about it. 729 more words

50 Shades Of Grey

8 Naughty Limericks Based On Celebrity Scandals

On her Instagram page Kim Kardashian
uploaded a shot of her ass again.
Yes, that butt fills the screen,
yet what’s truly obscene
is the way she and Kanye are cashing in! 223 more words

Literary Confessions: 5 Books I Gave Up On From Page One

It’s getting on two weeks since last I discussed books and the like separately from blog reviews as a whole, and I couldn’t help but notice that posting has come in fives this month. 870 more words

Books And Literature

- 50 Shades of Grey -

In a way 50 Shades of Grey was my guilty pleasure,

it was a film about BDSM, but it was born under the wing of “Twilight” series – it was originally a fan-fiction of the series. 140 more words

Happening At Present - Blogging 50 Shades of Grey

I think I’ve developed a love-hate relationship with this book. I am scared for my own sanity.  I make sure that I don’t make any rash decisions while I’m undertaking this project but so far, reading and talking about 50 Shades has resulted to a confused belief that E.L. 368 more words

Happening At Present

Reading 50 Shades pt. 5 - Don't Drink and Dial!

I read 50 Shades of Grey and blog about the whole ordeal. At this pace, we might just be able to finish book 1 before the movie comes out. 1,188 more words

50 Shades Of Grey

The Power of the 'F' Bomb

I’ve got a secret. There’s a little something I’m fiercely into yet not entirely comfortable with sharing, something that can only be spoken of in hushed tones, behind closed doors or at special conventions. 1,214 more words