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New Things That Made Me Happy!

I CANNOT WAIT TO WATCH BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP TOMORROW!! Ok maybe that is the name but i am not 100% sure and cannot be bothered to check. 570 more words

The Stake Podcast Episode 5: Should Pop Culture Grow Up?

AO Scott thinks Adulthood in American Culture is Dead. Chris, Andrew and Chris ask the next question: How do we define adulthood? Is the debate about art and adulthood the same old generational debate, or is there something unique about our current pop culture climate? 67 more words


Las famosas 50 sombras de Grey

Una amiga bloggera de Revista ELLAS me comparte su experiencia con las 50 sombras de Grey.

¿Ya la leíste? o ¿Estás esperando la película!

En todo caso, excelente que la sexualidad vaya perdiendo ese tabú de que las mujeres no podemos disfrutar de ella… Si ellos pueden hablar abiertamente de eso, ¿Porqué nosotras no?

Lee su experiencia aquí 


[WATCH] ELDERS React To Fifty Shades Of Grey Trailer

Have you heard about the book “Fifty Shades of Grey”??

If you have read the book then you all know how dirty “Fifty Shades Of Grey” it can be. 37 more words


Yup, that's right.

It’s Thursday. Lunch run day. And I’m looking soooo much forward to it!
That’s the good part of it, when you actually are working quickly the morning off to get out, put on your sneakers and get on a run. 119 more words


Theirs to Share, Trista Ann Michaels

Theirs to Share
By: Trista Ann Michaels
Published date: July 8, 2014

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5
How hot is it: Sizzle sizzle!
Hero(es): Grayson and Parker… 261 more words


Day 50: Shades of...you know the rest.

It’s my 50th day of sweepstakes and what comes to mind faster when you think of 50 lately than “50 Shades of Grey”? Like the book or not it beats thinking of “over the hill”, am I right? 68 more words