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Day 155

Deuteronomy 2:

Moses here recounts examples of the journey that the Lord has lead the people on.  As you read through the accounts you are reminded that the Lord has done so many things for this group of individuals that it is almost inconceivable that they would fail to follow Him.   205 more words

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Day 154

Deuteronomy 1:

Moses is the author of this his fifth book, the Book of Deuteronomy.  It is, in fact, a collection of his sermons to Israel just before they crossed the Jordan.  354 more words

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Day 153

Numbers 36:

As the book of Numbers closes we have a request from the leaders of Gilead, Manasseh and Joseph regarding the long term inheritance of the people.  165 more words

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Day 152

Numbers 35:

As the book of Numbers comes to a close we have presented here the concept of the cities for the Levites and the cities of Refuge. 280 more words

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Day 151

Numbers 34:

So much focus had been upon the journey to reach the promised land and now it was required that the boundaries of that land be defined.  202 more words

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Day 150

Numbers 33:

Here we have the history of the wanderings of the Jews.  Each destination was recorded and each new location reminds them that the Lord led them for forty years step by step.  257 more words

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Day 149

Numbers 32:

They were almost there but not quite.  They were at the border to the promised land and all they had to do was cross the river but many wanted to stay where they were.  213 more words

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