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Day 194

Joshua 7:

After the staggering victory of Jericho comes the crushing defeat of the battle of Ai.  The reason for the defeat was the fact that Achan had taken spoils of the God’s of the Canaanites and had hidden them in his tent. 304 more words

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Day 193

Joshua 6:

The Lord does amazing things but He does them in peculiar ways.  The attack on the city of Jericho is probably the strangest tactic ever to bring down a fortified city.  277 more words

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Day 192

Joshua 5:

The people are now in the promised land but there are two interactions that have to take place prior to them being ready to take the city of Jericho.  309 more words

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Day 191

Joshua 4:

This chapter is all about remembering the good things that the Lord has done.  12 stones were set up in the middle of the dry river bed, right in the place where the feet of the priest had stood and 12 large stones were lifted out of the river and set up as a memorial in Gigal on the other side.  212 more words

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Day 190

Today is our first day of looking at three chapters per day.  I want to encourage you to keep pressing on with your daily reading because it is a great benefit to your heart, mind and spirit.  424 more words

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Day 189

Joshua 2:

There is no clearer picture of redemption than that of Rahab in the city of Jericho.  The whole city is doomed to destruction and the punishment they are facing is well deserved and yet Rahab is saved through grace and faith.   227 more words

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Day 188

Joshua 1:

“Only be strong and very courageous!”  This is the cry of the heart of the Lord who would lead Joshua and the people who would follow Joshua.  317 more words

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