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Day 142

Numbers 25:

Here we have the dramatic response of the Lord to the unrighteousness of His people.  This issue was regarding the intermarrying and cross-pollination of the Israelites and the Midianites.  172 more words

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Day 141

Numbers 24:

For the third time Balaam attempts to speak out reveals what has been going on.  He does not attempt to use his sorcery but turns to the wilderness and out of that barren and desolate land comes the voice of the Lord which transforms his heart.  206 more words

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Day 140

Numbers 23:

Balak, the enemy of the Lord’s people sought to curse them by hiring Balaam the travelling prophet.  The fact is that the Lord had already intervened and challenged Balaam regarding who was the Lord and whose voice would be heard.  216 more words

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Day 139

Numbers 22:

The story of Balaam is challenging and thought provoking.  Balaam was a false prophet (not one that prophesies falsely but one who uses false Gods as inspiration) and was used by various Kings and leaders to bring curses and incantations against their enemies.  260 more words

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Day 138

Numbers 21:

When faced with trouble the children of Israel turned to the Lord and His always listening ear was opened to them. But even after a powerful (against-the-odds) victory the people are very quick to turn their backs on the Lord and criticise the manner of His provision and care for His people. 230 more words

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Day 137

Numbers 20:

We come to a very challenging moment in the wilderness wanderings.  Moses steps over the line of unbelief and disqualifies himself from partaking in the promised land.  244 more words

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Day 136

Numbers 19:

The effect of uncleanness is explained and rectified in this chapter.  ‘Uncleanness’ came through sin, through certain types of sickness or from touching dead flesh.  195 more words

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