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Day 171

Deuteronomy 18:

Moses reiterates the fact that the tribe of Levi is different from the rest. All the other tribes have a parcel of land as a perpetual inheritance but the Levites do not, instead they have the Lord as their inheritance.  323 more words

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Day 170

Deuteronomy 17:

If there is anything that is to be offered to the Lord then it must be Holy.  Whether it is a bull, a lamb or an individual it must belong completely to the Lord.  263 more words

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Day 169

Deuteronomy 16:

As Moses continues establishing the thinking of the people prior to entering the Promised Land he now outlines the feasts which are to be a perpetual remembrance for the people.  410 more words

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Day 168

Deuteronomy 15:

Many of the laws of the Lord were designed by Him to bring about a righteous and generous system of interaction between the people whom He refers to as His Children.   258 more words

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Day 167

Deuteronomy 14:

Moses continues his sermon in which he outlines the expectations and limits which should be present in the lives of the people of God.   270 more words

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Day 166

Deuteronomy 13:

It seems inconceivable after everything that the Lord has done for the Children of Israel that they would need such a specific warning regarding the need to be careful not to fall prey to false prophets and those who would lead them towards the worship of other Gods.  233 more words

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Day 165

Deuteronomy 12:

Things are going to be so different when the People finally event the land of promise.  So many things are going to change and the Lord seeks, through the book of Deuteronomy to address some of these before they become and issue.  357 more words

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