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Day 290

2 Samuel 21:

It took three years of famine but finally the King enquires of the Lord.  It is revealed that the Lord requires atonement for the actions of Saul against the Gibeonites (who Joshua had promised to protect).  381 more words

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Day 289

2 Samuel 20:

Once one had tried his hand at rebellion it was almost inevitable that another would give it a go.  Sheba was less subtle and lacked the finesse of Absalom but David realised that he must be stopped quickly.  344 more words

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Day 287

2 Samuel 18:

David makes preparations for his army to face the army of his son but the people can tell that David’s heart is not in it.  337 more words

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Day 286

2 Samuel 17:

Absalom’s rebellion is thwarted as he makes the wrong decision of whose counsel to follow from amongst his advisors.  Ahitophel suggests one tactic (a small force of men who can strike quickly) and Hushai suggests that the whole nation be rallied under Absalom.  355 more words

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Day 285

2 Samuel 16:

As the division between David and Absalom reaches its peek we are shown what is going on in each of the ‘camps’.  As David flees from Jerusalem he firstly meets Ziba (Saul’s son Mephiboseth’s servant) who lies and tells him that Mephiboseth is pleased that Absalom has overthrown him and secondly Shimei who curses David and exults over the fact that it appears that the Kingdom has been lost by him.  426 more words

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Day 284

2 Samuel 15:

As this chapter unfolds we explore the betrayal of Absalom as he steals the hearts of the people away from David.  David had been a good king and had ruled well for over 20 years but it is said that ‘familiarity breeds contempt’ and all Absalom needed to do was position himself and slowly undermine his father.  426 more words

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Day 283

2 Samuel 14:

David has a very soft heart and is also a wise and compassionate counsellor.  Joab uses this skill against him and sends a widow to outline a fictitious story of her sons which are in the midst of argument and separation.  336 more words

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