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Day 243

1 Samuel 6:

The amazing story of the Lost Ark continues with the Philistines fully realising that the reason for their problems is the presence of the Ark of the Covenant.  348 more words

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Day 242

1 Samuel 5:

The thing which represented such blessing and benefit to the children of Israel here becomes an instrument of cursing and trial to the Philistines.  310 more words

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Day 241

1 Samuel 4:

The people could not understand why they had been defeated in the battle.  they knew that they were the Lord’s people but now the victories of old had faded away.  358 more words

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Day 240

1 Samuel 3:

Within this chapter we find the classic illustration of learning to hear the Lord’s voice.  We have Samuel, a young boy, who is being called by God but in his innocence and ignorance, fails to recognise who is calling.  287 more words

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Day 239

1 Samuel 2:

Chapter 2 opens with a beautiful prayer from Hannah as she pours out her heart to the Lord.  This demonstrates her faith, her love and her experience of God.  444 more words

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Day 238

1 Samuel 1:

The book of Samuel introduces the next significant shift in the history and structure of the leadership of the Children of Israel.  Samuel is a transitional leader: He acts as a Judge but he is also one of the greatest prophets of the Old Testament. 339 more words

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Day 237

Ruth 4:

The culmination of the book of Ruth comes with Boaz taking the place of ‘kinsman redeemer’.  The Law of Moses allowed for the family of a dead relative to lay a claim to the land that previously belonged to them, the only condition was that they had to take the dead relatives wife and raise up an inheritance for the deceased.   348 more words

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