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Day 223

Judges 11:

Jephthah’s story is one of both positives and negatives: Firstly Jephthah was used by the Lord even though he was the son of a harlot; he was lifted up to leadership even though his family and the elders of the land rejected him; he was successful and brought deliverance to the people; and yet he made a rash vow that cost him his only daughter.  318 more words

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Day 222

Judges 10:

The history of the Judges is a recurring cycle of failure leading to repentance and then deliverance.  Each Judge is not explored in detail but the writer highlights those individuals who demonstrate particular characteristics or qualities that should be noted.  229 more words

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Day 221

Judges 9:

The best way to describe Judges chapter 9 is a ‘cautionary tale’.  We have here the upstart sun of Gideon (Jerubbbaal) who decides that he will be the next leader of the people.  282 more words

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Day 220

Judges 8:

There are many things which happen in this chapter and many differing angles you could consider: You could look at the strength of the army of Gideon who boldly continue to remain “exhausted but still in pursuit”;  you could focus on the jealousy of those who were not involved in the victory but still benefited from it; you could contemplate the reasons that Zeba and Zalmunda would refuse to offer provisions to Gideon and his (modest sized) army; or you could spend some time wondering why Gideon would make such an error of setting up a statue as a sign of the Lord being with him (later becoming an idol people worshipped).     257 more words

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Day 219

Judges 7:

The story of Gideon’s 300 is the ultimate indication that the Lord does not require huge resources to achieve His purposes.  The force of men that was with Gideon was large enough to have led to confusion if a victory was won.  270 more words

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Day 218

Judges 6:

The story of Gideon is the story of a man who was not naturally strong but received strength from the Lord.  The Story starts with Gideon in a winepress trying to thresh wheat: this is a picture of futility and fear as Gideon tries to hide and to achieve the separation of grain from chaff without the impact of the wind.  255 more words

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Day 217

Judges 5:

This chapter records the song of the day, the song that everyone was singing, the song of deliverance and hope which had been displayed!  345 more words

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