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Fan Gives Back Albert Pujols' 500th Home Run Ball

Air Force Serviceman and Los Angeles Angels fan Tom Sherill was lucky enough to be in the right spot to get his hands on Albert Pujuols’ 500th career home run. 486 more words


Day 10

Genesis 10:

The genealogy of Noah is chronologically out of place.   It details changes and events which are yet to take place in the book of Genesis.  324 more words

500 Club

Albert and the 500 Club

In case you didn’t hear Albert Pujols, also known as the fuel to Ruben’s night terrors during the Fall Classic of 2011, just hit two bombs to officially become the 26th man in baseball history to join the 500 Club. 496 more words


Day 9

Genesis 9:

A new beginning and a revised set of rules.  The Adamic covenant continues but the Noahic covenant has some added provisions.  Noah and his family are told to be fruitful and multiply, filling the earth.  373 more words

500 Club

Day 8

Genesis 8:

The deliverance of Noah, his family and all the animals of the earth led to a fresh start for man upon the earth.  326 more words

500 Club

Day 7

Genesis 7:

The flood is often limited in our thinking to a Sunday School narrative with larger than life images which fill our imaginations with logistical questions regarding the number of animals and how they were transported.  337 more words

500 Club

Day 6

Genesis 6:

In this chapter we find one of the pivotal points in the history of the world and God’s dealings with mankind.  After the fall of man we find that wickedness expands and people are given over to lust, sin and selfishness.  296 more words

500 Club