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Day 106

Leviticus 16:

The offering for the day of atonement was a once a year offering.  The initial issue is of course that the High Priest offering the sacrifice needed to approach the very presence of the Lord to effect the sacrifice but He was tainted by the same sin that was upon the people.  204 more words

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You Never Lose

I was whining and complaining the other day about being broke. My July allowance ran dry before I ran out of days in July. That sucks. 882 more words

Day 105

Leviticus 15:

The Laws surrounding personal uncleanness were straightforward for the Old Covenant participant.  A bodily discharge would make you unclean for seven days.  The answer was washing, time and sacrifice to restore cleanliness and full connection with the people of God and the Tabernacle that bears His name.  260 more words

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Day 104

Leviticus 14:

The restoration of the Leper was an important part of the Law because it signalled that once you were free of that which made you unclean you had the option to be reunited with the people of God.  248 more words

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Day 103

Leviticus 13:

The laws governing leprosy were installed to offer protection and health for the broader community.  Well before the days of understanding bacteria and infection it was required that people with contagious conditions remained isolated until they were once again well.  305 more words

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Day 102

Leviticus 12:

Seven days for a boy and 14 days for a girl.  Thirty-three days for a boy and sixty-six days for a girl.  From the start of the law there was a difference set up between men and women which always left you with the inference that women were less than men in some intrinsic way.  324 more words

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500 Club (7/24)

Hello and welcome to today’s 500 Club! Today’s prompts are inspired by San Diego Comic-con 2014.

Before we get to today’s prompts, here’s a quick recap of the rules. 110 more words

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