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Day 100

Welcome to day 100 of our 500 day journey! Congratulations!

Leviticus 10:

Up until this point in the book of Leviticus things had been going well.  283 more words

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Day 99

Leviticus 9:

I found myself getting quite excited as I thought about the scene that is detailed in this chapter.  The first sacrifice performed by the newly established priesthood.  288 more words

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Day 98

Leviticus 8:

When it came to setting apart Aaron and his sons to the work of the priesthood there were specific and unique requirements.  These were followed implicitly and we have in this chapter the outworking of this great moment.  258 more words

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Day 97

Leviticus 7:

Once the trespass offerings, the peace offerings and the sin offerings were presented there was a portion set aside for the Priests.  Aaron and his sons did not receive an inheritance in the land, they did not keep flocks and herds and they did not have another trade. 277 more words

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Day 96

Leviticus 6:

The Law of the Lord was not to be taken lightly, nor was it to be followed with merely ‘lip-service’.  The Lord intended that His people would be different to those who were around the other nations of the world.  285 more words

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Day 95

Leviticus 5:

This chapter outlines the difference between the concept of sin and that of trespass.  The sense of ‘trespass’ is that of unintentional sin.  It may not be by accident but it was not the planned outcome when events or actions were put in place.  233 more words

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