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#103 Hero

Regina Spektor’s Hero

And the TVs try to rape us

And I guess that they’re succeeding

And we’re going to these meetings

But we’re not doing any meeting…

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Love grows

Sometimes when I look at you and see you smiling, it’s like strings tug at my face to reciprocate that smile. And then I wonder, within this world of where people you meet come and go like the pennies you flip into a fountain hoping for wishes to come true, what is the possibility that you can meet someone that can do that to you everyday and more? 81 more words


#102 You Make My Dreams

Hall & Oates’ You Make My Dreams

On a night when bad dreams become a screamer

When they’re messing with the dreamer

I can laugh it in the face…

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Extended Textual Analysis (Blog Post)

Theme and symbolism maintain a significant role in the development of character and story in film, providing us with a unifying concept, as well as accompanying visual references, that propel the storyline and reveal a character’s nature to the audience. 1,278 more words

#101 There Goes The Fear

Doves’ There Goes The Fear

You turn around and life’s passed you by

You look to ones you love to ask them why

You look to those you love to justify…

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Riff Raf wins Lou Costello Award

Riff Raf the movie, a short lighthearted film about a jazz trumpeter who accidentally ends up in a classical orchestra, won the Lou Costello Award… 77 more words


The 500 Day Problem

Ok.  I have a bone to pick with Hollywood…Not that anyone will read this post but let me pretend for a second that they will. 814 more words

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