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Churchill: Bastard

This week saw the 50th anniversary of Churchill’s funeral. An opportunity like this to ram home ruling class propaganda, via one of the Brit establishment’s most revered totems, was never going to be passed up. 974 more words

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Happy 50th Anniversary Yountville!

by Lisa Adams Walter

This year brought on a celebration in the Napa Valley that’s set to last throughout 2015: the Town of Yountville is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. 781 more words

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Churchill's Chair

Now there was a man who knew the value of work-life balance.

Whilst he laboured on the international stage, he always had Chartwell: a sturdy house in red brick, looking over one of the most sublime views you could imagine – the Weald of Kent. 118 more words

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A Petition to Allow Deadheads to Poop in Soldier Field’s Parking Lots

This is a petition to allow Deadheads to poop publicly and semi-publicly in the lots surrounding Soldier Field for the duration of the Dead’s 50th anniversary shows this July Fourth weekend. 321 more words

Ramble On Rose By Any Other Name

I don’t know if you heard, but there will be some shows this summer. Around the Fourth, to be specific, and in Chicago, to be geographic. 369 more words

Clouds, Solo

Everyone stop making Garcia a cloud.

To Kill A Mockingbird

This beautiful novel, published in 1960, became immediately successful and has since become a classic piece of American literature.

It tells the story of the Finch family;  starting with Scout and Jem’s childhood, through to the outcome of the trial in which their widowed father – Atticus Finch – was chosen to defend a black man, Tom Robinson, who was accused of rape, and explores the themes of racial prejudice and class. 224 more words