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Thanksgiving: Art History on a Plate

As we continue to work on plating and food trials for 51 at Spice Harbour, the concept of deconstructing a typical Kerala dish often makes it into the conversation. 177 more words


View on Grass

Grass, acts like a cushion to the ground which solely performs its duty of comforting the people stepping on it. Even though the grass remains in sour pain it never complains about it. 35 more words



Beauty is a mixed feeling that catches every individuals attention when we look at someone for the very first time. It attracts us to the person at first sight and sometimes stays within us for a very long time. 89 more words



Religion is an organized collection of beliefs and cultural systems. Many religions have narratives, symbols, sacred histories, religious texts, holy places and so on. The word religion is sometimes associated with faith and belief systems. 108 more words


'Iran will not bow to pressure, sanctions'

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says the Iranian nation will never bow to sanctions and pressures and will keep its nuclear facilities under any agreement.



Fort Cochin

After our three hour flight from Delhi we arrived in Kerala, on leaving the aircraft the change in temperature instantly hit you, it was about another 10 to 12 degrees hotter than Delhi and let me tell you Delhi wasn’t cold. 502 more words