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If there was one thing to recommend a new mum, it’d be to wear her baby if she can.
I love wearing Zoe. I love when she naps in our Manduca carrier and I can feel her breathing against my chest and smell and kiss the top of her head anytime I want. 77 more words


16/52 - tracks on my back

sixteen of fifty-two
a painting-a-week for a year.

20 x 30  •  acrylic  •  canvas board  •  2014



The week of Zoe’s first cold. Too busy snot sucking and administering saline spray to take decent pictures with proper camera. Poor baby.

“Portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014″


FUTURES END: Remember when the Blood Moon Rose a few days ago...

When the Blood Moon appeared on April 15, 2014 DC Comics revealed this tease for Futures End:

The image teases the end for the future of DC comics. 218 more words



Foto tirada pela avó. Boa Páscoa, meu amor. (Boa páscoa, avó!)

Daily Life


Harry :: Pre-Easter treats.
Wyatt :: New tricks.
Flynn :: Best seat in the yard.

If you live around Sydney, you’ll know how excited we’ve been to be out in the garden the last few days. 35 more words