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Death in real life in terms of married couple

In terms of married couple ,the death of a partner portrays loneliness. Suddenly life seems to be a long road which has to be travelled all alone. 38 more words


Ok world... Let's do this!!

Feeling all pumped, in my mind I’m jogging and jumping around in some crazy exercise montage scene with what probably should be ‘eye of the tiger’ music but embarrassingly enough the song making me feel the most motivated is Britney Spears – ‘Work Bitch’ as it lays it out in such simple terms… 91 more words

52: Reminded

CJ took the girls to his parents this morning so I could write, and I’ve spent most of my day alone, in the quiet, with my computer.   112 more words


5:2 Diet

I’ve been debating whether or not to write this post or not, but I thought this post might be helpful for any people who might me thinking of starting the… 1,112 more words

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Chilli Non Carne

So I’m sure most people can make a bean chilli but I thought I’d share my recipe. When I say ‘my recipe’ it suggests I follow a strict method every time I make it, I definitely don’t! 481 more words

Getting There

I didn’t think I’d get to post this so soon, more like mid-February or the beginning of March. But this morning, I stepped on the scale and woohoo, I broke the 130! 103 more words



Esta semana não tivemos tempo para nada. Nem para fotos.

Estou sentada no aeroporto, à espera de ir para Paris.

És a menina mais linda do mundo. 46 more words