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Believe it or Not, Your Kids are Paying Attention & Your Savings Efforts Make a Big Difference

Since I was a young boy I was told by my parents that college would be a part of my future. It was an opportunity my parents never had and they knew how important a college education was to my future success as a person and as a professional. 609 more words

Raison d'être for TheRichBaby.com - Our Niche!

   Recently, Sallie Mae, a private, for-profit that provides a secondary market for insured student loans, released their study “How America Saves for College 2014.”   From the study, we learn that total college savings are up 30% from last year, … 242 more words

Financial Literacy & Consumer Focused Legislation Keys to Success for the Future of College Savings

There are two things I really enjoy in life. One is visiting our nation’s capital. The other is watching Saturday Night Live. For years, I have been a lucky person because it seems like these two things always seem to find each other in funny satire political skits. 500 more words

Falcons, hoverboards & jet packs are expensive and unpredictable: You’re better off saving for college

Tax time is here again, and those of us expecting to receive a refund are faced with the definitive question: “How can I put this money to its best use? 443 more words

That college savings plan with those three little numbers - Part I

Here is Part I of a two-part series about strategies for saving with a 529 plan I wrote for http://www.road2college.com.

Know that you can shop around for a 529 plan and you don’t have to use the one from your state. 70 more words


The Gift of an Education

I can’t think of a greater gift from a parent to a child than the gift of an education.  By gift what I mean is helping to matriculate a child through college; coming out the other end debt free.