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Setting Up Our 529 Plan

I was fortunate to have my parents financial support when it came to schooling and only had to take out loans for 2 years of my college education. 299 more words

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Life Insurance or 529 Plan for College savings?

Where you store your child’s college savings could impact his or her ability to attend college almost as much as grades and standardized test scores. Section 529 plans — the college savings vehicle preferred by many families and financial advisers — offer federal and sometimes state tax benefits, and subtract far less from a student’s financial aid package than money stored in a checking or savings account. 453 more words

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Who's the Boss?

Of course, we’re all unique people and none of us are exactly the same. There is, however, something we all have in common…we all have bosses! 379 more words

Benefits of a 529

Few people know that child support typically ends at age 18.  They’re not thinking about who is going to pay for college and all of the expenses that ensue with college attendance. 154 more words

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College Savings: When an UTMA Beats a 529 plan

Our 529 Journey

Nearly a decade ago when we began saving for college costs for our firstborn, it was a given that a 529 savings plan… 581 more words

College Savings

GET Program Returns to Fully Funded Status

There is no doubt that education is the key to unlocking the door to opportunity. Throughout the past several years, new research continues to provide supportive evidence that a college degree not only increases the economic earning power of both individuals and our state economy, but it’s also proven to contribute to improved health and other social benefits such as increased homeownership, voting rates, and community volunteerism. 378 more words

College 529 Plans - Investing in your future

It’s important to save for your kids college expenses.  529 plans are a great way to automatically stash a monthly pre-set amount into an investment fund.   67 more words