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Financial Aid and savings accounts

One more important point in all of this savings stuff…the “titling” of the account (i.e., who OWNS it) matters a LOT for financial aid calculations. 232 more words

College Savings

The 529

Also known as a College Saving Plan (CSP), 529s seem to be the most commonly known account for college savings.

(Full disclosure: I am NOT a financial planner. 528 more words

College Savings


Hadi kardeşim
Sen de Sessiz kalma ,ses ver!
Ve bir kardeşini sen de kurtar! mısır!!! 529


Allahummansyur ikhwaanana wal mujaahidina fi kulli makan..khususon fi falestin..fi mishr..Allahumma hubbusysyahaadah..

Ya Allah..tolonglah saudara kami dan para mujahid dimana saja..khususnya di Palestina..di Mesir..

Ya Allah..berilah kepada kami, kecintaan terhadap mati syahid.. 31 more words


Crazy! Egypt Courts Sentence 529 Mursi Supporters To Death!

Reuters reports that members of the Muslim Brotherhood (529 people) were sentenced to death today; a verdict that would make this the biggest mass death sentencing in modern day history for Egypt. 73 more words


An Introduction to 529 Plans

The international investment firm StateTrust Investments is known for its comprehensive financial advisory and wealth management services. StateTrust Investments offers financial strategies to help clients plan for higher education. 228 more words

StateTrust Investments