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Могу простить своей любимой,
Измену низкую и ложь,
И другу своему готов простить
Предательство. “Переживешь -
Cебе я говорю – И ненависть, и клевету,
Бездонную людскую пустоту. И ты поймешь,
Что в жизни можно всех простить,
Не отравляя злобой свою кровь,
Не разрывая душу на куски,
Так просто взять и отпустить
И искреннюю подлость, и фальшивую любовь…”

Я всех простил. Я понял всё. Я постараюсь дальше жить.
Hо не могу я, господа, никак
Себя простить…


Washoku@Alimentaria 2014: flavours of Japanese cuisine

Washoku@Alimentaria 2014, Japan Special Programme at Barcelona’s Alimentaria exhibition, held its second and final day on April 1st with a series of presentations, tastings and panel discussions on consumer trends and culinary projects from Japan. 531 more words


Café con Leche with Gio Benitez, an ABC News correspondent.

 Our series Café Con Leche continues with ABC News correspondent, Gio Benitez.


 Time: 5 p.m-

 Where:  601C… 21 more words


Coffee awakens time travel challenge

As the blue lights displayed the price of my morning coffee, the young barista from behind the counter smiled.

“Nice hair,” he said.

“Excuse me,” I said. 506 more words


Parenting holds no expiration date

As a parent, the lessons we pass along to our children can be separated into two simple categories: what to do and what not to do. 490 more words


"Eu-wa-fu": A Conversation between Carme Ruscalleda and Keisuke Matsushima

Barcelona, 31st March.- A conversation between Carme Ruscalleda and Keisuke Matsushima marked the beginning of Japan Special Programme in Alimentaria 2014 fair. The event took place on a special date for the Catalan chef: April 1st marks the 10th anniversary of the opening of his restaurant in Tokyo (Sant Pau), awarded with two Michelin stars. 110 more words


Washoku@Alimentaria2014 : The third mission of Hasekura2.0Program begins

Barcelona, ​​March 31st.- The third mission of Hasekura2.0Program started today at Alimentaria International Food and Drinks Exhibition. This year, the fair has a special program related to Japan and his cuisine – washoku – with the flavors, dishes, ingredients and culinary traditions as protagonists. 277 more words