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Candy Bars and Bumblebees Share DNA

Each of us can learn a great deal from the humble bumblebee.
In the 1930s the French entomologist August Magnan arrived at the profound conclusion that bumblebees, due to the established laws of physics, could not fly. 481 more words


Evaluation.How does your media product represent particular social groups - Question 2

My movie shows a representation of young people/teenagers.
The main character is wearing black and white striped top. White=Purity, youth. Black=Death, Violence.
This is a form of foreshadowing that despite the fact she is young and pure her death is coming. 23 more words



A reflection inspired by the experiences of studying abroad

I wandered the hills of the Emerald City to a quaint coffee shop in a settle attempt to emulate my daily voyage in London. 1,093 more words


Local Government Elections will cause racial riots?

Generally I am inclined to say that Malaysians are matured in what they called “advanced politics”. But I am not sure the same applies to our politicians. 332 more words


Archbishop Philip Tartaglia admitted to hospital with heart attack

After feeling unwell, Archbishop Philip Tartaglia was admitted to hospital in 
Salamanca on Thursday 22 January.
Following initial treatment and tests at the University hospital in Salamanca it 
has been confirmed that he has suffered a heart attack. 107 more words

Lucky Dog Happy People Read Newspapers

“Nobody reads newspapers anymore.”

There is an old adage that if you repeatedly tell people something enough times it will eventually be considered true. Advertising and marketing firms, for example, build empires based on this very persuasive premise in attempts to help us pick one box of cereal over another. 478 more words



Back in the city of subdued excitement, the place I’ve called home for the last 5 years. I feel older and no wiser walking across the familiar brick paths, paved with new faces. 76 more words