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Dawn Spilled Her Crayons

Dawn spilled her crayons through treetops

and colored with Banana Mania until

the conté pencil crumbled.

Sea Lowder August 2014

Morning Work- Out

If you know me, than you know I love my sleep and sleep! I am a wreck when I don’t get at least of 4 hour of uninterupted sleep. 467 more words


Ms. Kwamie Liv

There is not much to say about this talented Danish lady and that’s only because she is letting her music speak for her and keeping her private life private. 91 more words


KONSTANTSURPRISES Silent Disco Set @ Dada Land The Voyage

here’s a raw ruff cut from my 5am silent disco set at Dada Land The Voyage (July 19, 2014).

definitely one my favorite DJ experiences so far. 34 more words


Another 5am

The morning still holds nightly shades,
With little vibrancy in pale light,
The air deceivingly seems warm,
But I shiver anyway as I step out… 107 more words


5 AM day two

After being out at 5 AM yesterday photographing and seeing that lovely morning light in my photos, I wanted to do it again–but this time, walking a little bit to photograph other things. 226 more words