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A Lake in the Rockies

Took a bit of a drive to get to this lake but it was well worth it! The scenery was a great backdrop for some pics. 21 more words

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The Man - My First Person Pic

I’ve seen “The Man” twice now, talked to him once but didn’t catch his name unfortunately. Super nice guy with an old brown Ford truck inhabiting the mountainous region of Western Alberta.

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Suitable for boxes

A long time ago when I was still in school, I thought for a few days about how it might be exhilarating to outfit myself in a suit and ride glass-encased elevators to marble-laden upper reaches of skyscrapers whilst holding down some kind of financial-minded iteration of “occupation.” I got over it like a 48-hour cold. 6 more words


July 17 Downtown Victoria Street Photography

It’s been forever since I’ve made time to go shoot some classic street photography, I need to fit this more into my schedule again.

Phoenix Sunset

I was looking through some past photo’s and came across this one. It was a truly magical fall evening in the desert. I drove about 25 miles west of west Phoenix and found a National Park. 50 more words

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The Friendly Prairie Dogs of Fish Creek Park

Hello again, it’s been a long time since my last post – it’s been a very busy past couple weeks with the beginning of summer and Stampede. 78 more words

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Happy 4th of July!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to take a minute to wish everybody a Happy Fourth of July. Stay safe, enjoy some good BBQ and celebrate!

This is a shot I took at Disney’s Magic Kingdom during the ‘Wishes’ fireworks display. 40 more words