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Sell, serve, speak, save, & sizzle. Don’t know what that means?  That’s ok.  Neither did I until recently. Referred to as the 5S’s of e-marketing, these five points are great a model to base your business off of.   482 more words

Jordyn Nehmsmann

5S: Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke

The 5S is the methodology of creation and maintaining well organized, clean, highly efficient and supreme quality workplace. Its result is the effective organization of the workspace, work flow with the intent of improving competence by eliminating waste, removal of losses associated with failures and breaks, reduced process inefficiencies and improved safety of work. 457 more words


5 Things I Learned in San Francisco

By Jamie

It’s been 5 months since my crazy experience seeing The Airborne Toxic Event perform a 3-night residency at the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco. 1,458 more words

Airborne Toxic Event

Sorting to the point of discomfort

Have you ever joined a queue not knowing whether you are in the right queue because there is no signage….whilst simultaneously fighting the urge to jump in and sort and simplify the workspace?  772 more words


Joshua Tree National Park

This past weekend I finally drove out to Joshua Tree! I’ve been wanting to go for several months and I finally talked my friends into going. 107 more words

Metode japanske proizvodne filozofije

Japanska proizvodna filozofija je dala značajan doprinos poboljšanju poslovanja poslovno-proizvodnih sistema. Japanska filozofija se temelji na racionalizaciji i inovacijama i neprekidnom unapređivanju poslovanja i proizvodnje, na konceptu proizvodnje bez grešaka, proizvodnje bez zaliha, netroškovnom principu i slično. 647 more words