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Iphone Battery Drainage - Resolved

I’ve had my iphone 5s for almost a year now and the battery seemed to be doing fien with 4g LTE until recently it started dying. 91 more words


Example of Floor marking 5s color standards to use in your warehouse

This a great example of floor marking your warehouse. A lot of companies are going through 5s initiatives and color coding your warehouse floor is a great way to make it more efficient and safe. 7 more words

The secret of perpetually organized Japanese offices and homes

Have you ever noticed how Japanese workplaces and homes look so orderly all the time? In most other places, it would take at least 8 hours to establish order, before the chaos starts creeping back in in just 2 days. 508 more words

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Subliminal Marketing Coffee Style

The other day I was running a workshop at a venue which had a coffee shop as part of the function room facilities.

Having return to the fold so to speak, I now imbibe the occasional flat white, after a 15 year abstinence. 53 more words

Lean Thinking

Three easy steps to better work environment

How about a workplace suitable for efficient and safe work? What if any workplace can be transformed into it with three simple steps?

Here it goes: 414 more words


Standerdization paves the way of improvement

Hi today I like to add some pictures and show you how you standardize things in RMG manufacturing floor:

This is an example of 5S and Standardization: 15 more words


TATE-isms from the Fillmore

By Tracey

As I reflect upon my San Francisco Residency experience, I realize that I learned a whole new language while in San Francisco. Here are my top 5 TATE-isms: 557 more words

Airborne Toxic Event