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Beyond Dimensions or Densities

how can we define, understand dimensions? how it affects us? Is this important in our lives, to understand? in mathematics, when in higher stage it become more complex. 955 more words


Done Judging

Only when we are open enough to laugh loudly at who we are, what behavior patterns we still follow regularly, can we find that place in our hearts, where we find it easier to embrace each and every ounce of who we are, regardless of whether the things we find are especially enlightened, pretty much the lowest points of our lives, the glorious achievements in the outside world, or our quiet, unseen personal triumphs. 216 more words


For David (Call me Dave) Cameron

Age of Aquarius/Let the Sunshine in – 5th Dimension


Weekend Wisdom: Spur One Another To Good Deeds

Wahoo!  We made it through 10 weekends of quotes inspired by chapter headings from “Love one another, 20 practical lessons” by Don McMinn.  I hope you have enjoyed the journey along with me.   91 more words

Weekend Wisdom

Vibrational Frequencies

Understand that each dimension has a certain frequency. You cannot push yourself to Master frequencies, other wise they will put a stop halt on your Ascension…You must integrate all the steps in each Dimension as you go, other wise you would be lost when you get to the next Dimension. 221 more words