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This video brings clarity to the Ascension. Very exciting information!


time..to map it out..TIME

I’ve always wanted to do this.!

Write a blog post, and then scan it in.

Writting helps me stay grounded, and I need grounding…

I haven’t read anything or seen anything other than facebook quotes about Carl Sagen, so don’t ask, but I’m glad that he seems like such a friendly guy for someone with deep thoughts, 165 more words

5th Dimension

Timelines and Agartha - We Are 5D

I have noticed on Saturday and Sunday that there were several cases of instant manifestation – small things, but I am “told” this is evidence of us all realizing we are in fact already in 5D. 631 more words

5th Dimension

The New Mainstream

...”Until now, the consciousness crowd has kept themselves in the closet. The closet is full and bursting. It’s time for the consciousness crowd to come out and recognize themselves as The New Mainstream. 55 more words


5D Girl Starseed Diaries - Uranus and Magnetic Reversals

In mid-November the 5D Girl team worked with Uranus on magnetic reversals. These are bringing in magnetic adjustments which are expressing through multiple layers, including at a cellular level. 907 more words

5th Dimension

December 2014 ~ A letter to my friends as we close out this year

My Dear Friends,

You may be wondering where I have been as my writing / programs haven’t been as consistent as in the past. Let me assure you, as I have been assured by the Lord that I am sharing everything I am supposed to, exactly when I am supposed to. 581 more words


Fuji 800, Canon AV-1

I relish the night-the sliver of time when time doesn’t seem to exist at all. Away from the relentless reminder of life/death that is our sustaining Sun, revealing the eternal wonders of the universe otherwise obscured by blinding daylight. 533 more words