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Bashar speaks on Belief Systems.

Since Jupiter is the planetary representation for belief systems on Earth, I found the following video to be relevant and to be enlightened entertainment in light of what our Jupiter In Leo project is all about.

5th Dimension

Know Your Spiritual Accomplishments in Yourself

Often we measure our accomplishments in terms of the physical world, as in the acquisition of material things like money, but as souled beings, it is important to also acknowledge what we have accomplished spiritually. 108 more words

5th Dimension

Reader's Condensed Version of How to Love Yourself

Adults and children have asked me, “How do I love myself?” The answer I give is that self-love is about Relationship with Self. It’s not a list of things that you Do for yourself. 54 more words

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Emotional Clearing......On Energetic Levels

Wowwww!!   How real emotional reminders and memories can be!!

I was recently gifted an opportunity to journey through my chakra points in tune to music.     The exercise was designed to let us energetically… 644 more words


Institute of HeartMath

I found this excellent piece of communication on the Institute of HeartMath’s youtube. Let’s listen :)

5th Dimension

Enlightening Darkness

Dance activism still remains a mystery to my self. Enjoy the video!

Dance Activism

Duality, Co-Creation, Unconditional Love -Higher Self Message-

Higher Self Message for 9/28/14


How can YOU view your SELF,

unless there are TWO?

For something to be Observed,

there must be an Observ-er. 467 more words