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Personal Energy Healing and Alignment Therapy combined with Personal Prophesy readings! 33 more words

5D Girl Diaries - September 2014 Equinox Conversation with Tikal Temple III in Guatemala


Tikal Temple III, also known as the Temple of the Jaguar Priest was one of the main temple pyramids at the ancient Maya city of Tikal in Guatemala. 2,090 more words

New Earth

5DGirl Diaries - a conversation with the Elohim about the time of oneness on its way

Whilst this conversation was actually a background briefing for some work that the 5D Girl Team undertook recently, the vibration of the star language is very reassuring and this information asks to be shared. 2,002 more words

New Earth

The Healing Fountain Blog - sharing core principles and truth!

We are infinite powerful human “Being” human and divine all in one. We now know all things come to us for us and for expansion of more and more and more. 75 more words

Vortex Mastery and Living in the 5th Dimension!

Guess what folks, 2014 is the TIME of the Aquarian shift, the awakening of light beings on earth into the 5th dimension. Can you feel it? 76 more words

What To Expect As The Earth Ascends

With the influx of information and especially misinformation in regards to the enormous changes of frequencies that are now occurring on Earth during this ascension time, I would like to set your minds at ease. 566 more words


September 2014 ~ "Clarion Call to All"

Did you hear it? Was it a whisper? Was it loud? Did you feel it? Was it a nudge? Did you get hit on the head? 842 more words