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Why I'm thankful for the sh*t Jack says

Happy Turkey Day!

I decided to start a new tradition and have Jack type something to all of his fans on Thanksgiving, because he should be thankful that anyone even reads this sh*t. 508 more words


today ...at school

I’m not sure which one to choose…

At Morning Meeting…

Me:  Good morning Fifth Grade!

Class:  Good morning Mrs. Mudd!

Me: Today is Tuesday, November 25, 2014.   69 more words


Haters gonna hate

Did you know that there are people that hate Thanksgiving? There are. I googled it. They write about it with such disdainful contempt that its takes you aback. 1,163 more words


BullyProof Meets the 5th Graders at Lahore Grammar School (LGS)!

Zainab Chughtai of BullyProof led an in-depth session with the 5th graders at an LGS girls branch on the 25th of November, 2014.

The session was followed up by an interactive Q&A session and a confession session with the children. 12 more words


Math multiple choice question from a 9 year old

Jack and his friend were in the back seat of my car having a debate on the current methods of math they teach now.

me: Did you do your Xtramath? 153 more words


Why Blog?

Teachers are continually asking their students to write. Students respond to prompts, write personal narratives, write up science labs, share their thinking about math problems, reflect on their learning, compose poetry etc, etc. 416 more words

5th Grade Maker Space in Action

Teachers don’t need to remind students to come to science with their laptops on I days – They know “I” stands for Innovation day! Students bring great energy, enthusiasm, and creativity to class every “I” Day.   117 more words

5th Grade