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Christmas is NOT supposed to be educationa

Jack: Woah are those my presents?

me: Yep.

Jack: Can I open one?

me: On Christmas Eve you can pick one.

Jack: (starting to shake each box) What’s this? 126 more words


today...at the lunch table

Today…at the lunch table

Student: Angelina Jolie is really old.
Me: HEY. She’s my age!
Student: Yeah, but you look younger because you have a son who’s older than hers… 146 more words


What if kids were in charge of their own learning?

Every “I” day, my science classroom becomes a makerspace, as fifth graders become active scientists and engineers during our Innovation Day.  Students have been designing, building, and making in our lower school science classroom.   75 more words

5th Grade

Vocabulary 12.16.14

  • Reno – reindeer
  • Ruber – Red
  • Caeruleus – Blue
  • Hunc – This
  • Si – If
  • Candit – It shines/glows
  • Dicit – Says
  • Alii – Other…
  • 12 more words
8th Grade

Battery & LED Bulb - Beautiful!

2nd Graders had great fun with simply tinkering with a 3v lithium battery and a LED bulb.  We observed both sides of the battery under the microscope.   75 more words

5th Grade

5 things the plumber does

Jack has this awesome habit of saying “the plumber” after everything you ask him.

1. me: Hey Jack, where is your backpack?
Jack: Oh I don’t know, maybe at the plumber’s house? 76 more words