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5th Grade HW Miss Blankenship Due MONDAY Oct. 6th

Hello, I gave an extra day for homework because I was absent yesterday!

Spelling Lesson 5 Spelling Lesson 5- You may do definitions as normal or create 10 sentences using the spelling words.   39 more words

Our First Stream Study

5th graders will be taking a stream study 3 times in the fall and then 2 times in the spring.  We are looking at the health of the stream in Ashbridge Park near school.   90 more words

5th Grade

Theme of Sustainability

This year’s Lower School Character Education Theme is Sustainability.  Each Class is taking on the challenge of finding different ways to care for our selves, others, and our environment.   213 more words

5th Grade

Liquid Light Shows: 4-6th Grade

Do you remember Liquid Light Shows (1969 -1970’s)? Me neither. Not being alive probably had something to do with it, but now we live in the age of YouTube and I came across… 511 more words

Multiple Grades

Fifth Grade Figure Drawing

Since this is the first time drawing a wooden mannequin for most of the 5 th graders, my rule is the mannequin has to be standing straight, with legs straight and one arm down, the other arm they can move. 126 more words


Fifth Grade Charcoal Vases

I love beginning the year with sketching for 5 & 6 grade. It is a nice reminder of all of the art skills from the previous years. 161 more words


It's True! Math Makes Sense!

I had been losing sleep. I had been wracking my brain. I kept coming up with NOTHING.

Even the shower, which is normally where I do my very best brainstorming, was not helping me with this ever perplexing problem. 384 more words