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Too Young to Play Outside?

So, while watching the Today show a story came up about Kari Anne Rory, a mother who is being investigated by CPS for allowing her 6-year-old child to play alone in a park that was “150 yards” from her home (that is 450 feet, by the way, and quite a long ways off).   1,203 more words

6 Yr Old Explains True Meaning Of Life

The truths that come from the mouths of babes can be nothing short of incredible sometimes.

In this stop-motion animation film about the real meaning of life, a 6-year-old girl narrates and asks, “How sad would it be to get to the end of your life and realize you never… 197 more words


Remember your Please and Thank You's.

From the earliest age we teach our children to say ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’. It’s perhaps the first routine we teach our kids. It’s the first set of manners we teach and use to prove that our kids are well behaved. 931 more words


First week - accomplished!

So hi! First entry to a blog about my first job in teaching!

First steps first I guess, which shall begin with a brief introduction; 726 more words

6 Year Old

Monica as Ruler

If my 6 year old ruled the world…

Everything would be repeated over and over no matter how clear you were on an issue.

Nothing would be funny, when you tried to be funny. 219 more words


Thunk of the Day #3 'What Not to Name Your Teddy'

The third ‘Thunk’ in a series of short animations celebrating the imaginations, artwork and voices of young children in Nottingham.
This ‘Thunk’ features the artwork and voice of a particularly brilliant 6 year old girl.


Dear Scott Email: Mom Fears Boy's Return To School Means Soiled Pants

Dear Scott:

My son is six and started pooping and peeing in his pants at the end of the school year last year. He said he was afraid to ask to go to the bathroom at school. 48 more words