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Revelation 13

Revelation 13: The Devil has NO Power

                John sees a monster rise up out of the sea; “…having seven heads and ten horns… and the dragon gave him his power… and great authority. 153 more words

New Testament

Crowley, I’m Snickering Over Here…

Whenever life throws me a curveball; the kind of curveball that shatters your window view of the world, I find myself thinking about Crowley. I don’t mean to do it; he and his philosophies just intrude into my most mundane thoughts. 273 more words

Observations And Whatnot

The 666 shroud of mystery!

Many nowadays have been struck by the diverse interpretations most people individually has gleaned and self-interpreted from the revelation. It speaks indeed how the revelation was a mystery seeing the subtlety of it and how confusing it goes for the blind. 1,360 more words

Christ Coming

Microchip Implants For Medical Purposes Could Be Trojan Horse To Expanded Uses


by Tom Olago

For those who still think that microchip implants are something that will become commonplace or gain traction in perhaps many years to come, think again: people are now currently queuing up voluntarily to be injected with a microchip in their arm. 871 more words

Power Religion (aka 666)

In Deuteronomy 17 God gave instructions to the Israelites about their future king. God said that the king must never multiply horses for himself, not multiply wives for himself, and not multiply gold for himself. 609 more words


The Devil's in the Details . . . and in the Grocery Store.

I’m a Christian. Yep, I admit it. But that’s not what this post is about. It’s about Ms. Gwyn and her beliefs. Ms. Gwyn works at the local Bi-Lo. 934 more words