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Vendredi, le 12 decembre

French 7D, 7W: If you haven’t done so already, please hand in your corrected quiz to Mlle Lau on Monday, December 15. Cahier 6A was the last assignment due before the holidays. 41 more words


Mardi, le 9 decembre

French 8C: For homework, please finish the Christmas booklet and read Matthieu 2.

English 7W: We discussed Chapter 15-18 and today we began reading Chapter 19 and 20 in class. 60 more words


rainy day 12k

Hi! Can’t believe it’s Sunday already.. I’ve been blogging for a whole WEEK! :) Apparently my nephew, Otis, has been inspired to start his own blog, too. 722 more words

Vendredi, le 5 decembre

French 7W: We learned a French Christmas carol and practiced the verb “ALLER” (to go) in present tense. For homework, please finsh the verb exercises for… 212 more words


Mercredi, le 3 decembre

French 6D, 6K: Today we played a class game to review verbes en -ER. For next Tuesday, December 9th, please finish the word search and the coloring page in your Christmas booklet. 85 more words


Lundi, le 2 decembre

French 8C: Today we read through the Matthew 1 in French of the Christmas story for the first time! Please finish your PASSE COMPOSE exercises for… 94 more words


Mardi, le 25 novembre

French 8C: Today we reviewed “Le passe compose” and when to use it. Please finish the exercises for Thursday, Nov. 27. There will be a quiz Thursday on the play. 109 more words