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Mardi, le 20 janvier

French 8C: Here are some important dates

– Friday, Jan 30 – Autobiographie due

– Friday, February 6 – Cahier 15A (questions impaires ou questions paires) 54 more words


Vendredi, le 16 janvier

French 7D, 7W: Today we had a quiz on AVOIR, ETRE, ALLER au present. There is no homework for the weekend.

French 8C: We learned vocabulary terms in French related to technology and continued working on our autobiographies. 61 more words


Mercredi, le 14 janvier

French 6D, 6K: We sang “Je suis une pizza” and learned the verb “ETRE”, which means ‘ to be’. Please finish your ‘extra-terrestre’ for next… 47 more words


Mardi, le 13 janvier

French 8C: Please finish up to question 35 of Cahier 15A for Thursday, January 15.

English 7W: Students were introduced to the Bloom Ball Project today. 77 more words


Day 7

7. Tag der Challenge = erste Laufeinheit.

Nach dem Frühstück mit 2 Broten mit Erdnussbutter (Ernussbutter – MyProtein) und einer Banane. Dann ging es los zum Tempelhofer Feld zum Laufen mit der LIWF-Gruppe. 150 more words


Vendredi, le 9 janvier

French 7D, 7W: Students were asked to write down 10 lines of dialogue for today. There is no homework for the weekend, but keep in mind that… 84 more words


Mercredi, le 7 janvier

French 6D, 6K: Today we worked on creating an ‘extra-terrestre’, using body parts, colours, and numbers to describe it. Please have 10 lines of dialogue memorized for next… 74 more words