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Bugun itibariyle sizler için kendimi spora adayacağım. Sizlere inanılmaz bir değişim vaad etmiyorum, ağzınızın açık kalacağı Before&After fotografları da paylaşamaya bilirim…Ama BEFORE kısmında takılıp kalmış bol bol fotograf paylaşacağım. 45 more words


Magazine cover

Out today is the new Winq magazine with me on the cover, check it out 😊:


Fitness Friday

Today i was planning on getting down the gym and doing some circuits and cardio, but unfortunately i haven’t had the time. I know many of you also have this problem due to commitments which are probably more important than the gym which is understandable. 127 more words


Complete 6 pack abs

There are so many different views when it comes to how to actually get a perfect 6 pack.The other day i mentioned that abs are made in the kitchen which is completely true but I have also personally found that you need to train abs how you train the rest of your body, for example when you train deltoids you tend to hit every angle, when you train chest you also train every angle and perfrom different presses and movements that will in time will developed a well rounded muscle. 84 more words


30 in 30 Day 17: Being Comfortable Naked

               The United States has an interesting relationship with nudity. Whereas the rest of the world sees nudity as multifaceted, representing purity, being natural or free, sensuality, and sexuality, the United States most frequently relates nudity to the sexual. 191 more words

Fat Loss

30 in 30 Day 15: Fitness Role Models

I really look up to Bella Falconi and Andreia Brazier. They are gorgeous, super-human athletes. I think Jennifer Aniston’s body is amazing, and J Lo’s, and Beyonce’s. 143 more words

Fat Loss

30 in 30 Day 14: When "You Look Great" Really Means You Don't...

People feel awkward giving compliments, and some girls are just evil and really give compliments as an opportunity to insult you. Luckily, I feel the former is far more common than the latter, but the result is still not fun. 194 more words

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