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Day 30: If I weren't afraid...

To be most reflective on this last day of the @Teachthought 30-Day Challenge, I should be brave enough to put this out there in writing. ¬†There’s a chance I get pummeled by those teacher enthusiasts…you know the ones: They say all teachers are good! 502 more words

Vocabulary 9.30.14 6th Grade

  • Intrat – Enters
  • Exit – Exits
  • Latrat – Barks
  • Circumspectat – Looks around
  • Cibus – Food
  • Fessus – Tired
  • Iratus – Angry
  • Laetus – Happy

Dormit – Sleeps

6th Grade

Day 29: How I've changed...

I remember just starting out as a teacher with so many ideas and tips and “tricks”, dos and don’ts: You MUST do this, or NEVER do that…it was definitely a lot of information. 256 more words


Today in class we learned about the word PERSPECTIVE.

The following are other important terms that were mentioned during the presentation:

Day 28: Who is in the driver's seat?

The following question brings up an interesting conundrum: Should technology drive curriculum, or vice versa?

And the answer is easy: Yes! … and no! If you have the egg, and the chicken at the same time, does it really matter? 134 more words