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Six Word Saturday

Gonna throw me some dice today

Slowly I’m starting to feel a bit better. Good news! And there’s no better way to celebrate that, than to play a bit of D&D. 36 more words


Six Word Saturday

Out with worries, in with booze. ;)

Well, a glass of wine that is.

Live in the now, and have a precious weekend! ♥


Six Word Saturday

Haaaa, pee all you want now!

Eh, no, I did not mean that!

Four months ago, Smokey and Boris joined our little family, and that made Nick and me very happy. 213 more words


Six Word Saturday

when brain doesn’t work, use hands

Eight weeks ago, at the end of September, my brain decided to go on strike. Since then, my world has been unstable. 653 more words


6WS : 11/22/14

Her tongue was twisted in fear.


No longer will fear guide me.

I am freeing myself of doubt.

I am on the path to knowledge. 18 more words


full moooooooon

blacked out. woke up. morning (.) wood