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7-11 Ranger Key Promotion

After the many problems we’ve seen with Ranger keys here in the states, this promotion is just a breath of fresh air. I found this tweet retweeted by Fury Diamond of… 49 more words

7-Eleven's BIG Pizza Sweepstakes

To generate more excitement among its customers, 7-Eleven is now sponsoring a “Pizza for Life” sweepstakes. 7-Eleven only started selling pizza — one of the most popular food items in America — about five years ago. 140 more words
Part 3: Targeting Customers And Gathering Information

KeyMe's Vision to Bring Convenience and Value into Locksmith Industry Earns $7.8M Series A

We are very excited to share that we have closed a $7.8M Series A from White Star Capital, Battery Ventures, Ravin Gandhi, 7-Ventures LLC (investment subsidiary of 7-Eleven), and a number of initial seed investors, including… 74 more words


Gale Brewer and the Battle Against 7-Eleven

Gale Brewer has lived on the Upper West Side since 1970. She served as the area’s City Council member for 12 years, concluding at the end of 2013, before starting as the 27th Manhattan borough president. 1,585 more words

Youths Beat Levittown Teen Unconscious

April 15, 2014 Levittown, Pennsylvania (NBC10) — A Bucks County mom says her teenage son was knocked unconscious during a random and severe beating at the hands of a group of men. 272 more words

Crime — преступление

KPG's Life In Japan - Things That I Found In Convenience Stores

Just a while ago I had posted about working towards being a more focused fashion blogger, but this post, again, is not fashion-related at all… but never mind, I’ll get back to that later. 190 more words