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A Short Writing Piece of Sorts

Anne-Marie Humphrey stood with her back stiff, but not because she was inclined to the sort of personality of someone who often stood stiff-backed at a ball. 737 more words

7 Evil Dwarves

Tying Up Loose Ends

As I’m doing (hopefully my final) edits on my current book, I’m noticing that one of my major issues is that I’ve left some loose ends. 306 more words

7 Evil Dwarves

A Life of Editing

Some people love their first-draft. Others hate it. Some people live for their second-draft, where they can sprinkle in all the “good” stuff (now that the foundation is done). 237 more words

7 Evil Dwarves

NaNoWriMo And Cupcakes

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is like baking cupcakes. If you don’t have a recipe (outline), or the right ingredients (craft), you can bake yourself fifty thousand of those suckers and they’re all going to taste like crap. 378 more words

7 Evil Dwarves

Cover Art

It’s such a surreal thing to be designing the cover art for my upcoming book. But I’ve also realized something that shouldn’t have been surprising; it’s harder than I thought to convey the image in my mind to someone else. 180 more words

7 Evil Dwarves

Happy Almost Halloween

This year seems to be speeding past in a blur of nauseating colors. The Halloween decorations have not, in fact, been set up yet. The pumpkins are still not carved, and I have no idea if I’ll attempt to wear something costumey when I take the kids trick-er-treating. 283 more words