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Happy Almost Halloween

This year seems to be speeding past in a blur of nauseating colors. The Halloween decorations have not, in fact, been set up yet. The pumpkins are still not carved, and I have no idea if I’ll attempt to wear something costumey when I take the kids trick-er-treating. 283 more words


Writing a Winning Blurb

A blurb is the description of your book, found on the back cover. Marilynn Byerly,a best-selling author, says that “Blurbs are the second most important selling tool you have for your book, so you want it to grab the reader’s attention” I realize how incredibly important a blurb is for enticing people to read a book, so I’ve been obsessing over my own. 366 more words

7 Evil Dwarves

Precision in Language

I watched The Giver this weekend with my husband. I have loved the series and thought the movie was well done. One statement they used in the movie was “precision in language”. 160 more words

7 Evil Dwarves

Going to Jail

Kelly’s hands went numb. Painful tingling spread down her arms.   “What does that mean?”

For the first time in the years they’d worked together, her lawyer avoided her gaze. 487 more words

7 Evil Dwarves

I’m Finished My Book, Now What?

I went back and forth about whether to go a more traditional publishing route or to self-publish. Just recently, I finally decided what to do… self-publish. 402 more words

7 Evil Dwarves

How to Write a Best-Seller

In-between editing and blogging, I’ve been reading a few books on how to write. One of those books is “How to Write a Dirty Story” by Susie Bright. 332 more words

7 Evil Dwarves

Writing, a New Team Sport?

Yes, writing is essentially a solitary activity. It usually involves one person in front of their computer or with a pen or pencil in hand. 202 more words

7 Evil Dwarves