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Quadrant 2 Part 1

Dear Ian,

I’m glad your school uses Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to inculcate values and principles to the students. I only wished that they could delve into it a little deeper instead of just skimming the surface. 667 more words

For The Boys!

Monday's Musings: Planning vs Firefighting

As another week dawns, people all over set out to “get things done” whether that be for work, family or personal/individual reasons. Some people love their formalized ‘To Do’ lists and gleefuly check off activies; a building sense of accomplishment as more items become labeled as DONE. 750 more words

Monday's Musing

25on25Series: Books that have shaped my life so far

It was quite difficult for me to come up with this list. As you can imagine, I have read hundreds of books and each book has impacted my life differently. 640 more words

Real Talk

How to Trap Yourself in a Box

“If you want the rainbow, you’ve gotta put up with the rain.”

Whenever we see a quote that resonates with us, it is easy to go “Yea, things will blow off soon and it will get better.” and just sit and wait for things to happen. 219 more words


Keeping Score…Does it Matter?

Recently, our colleague, Curt Martin, wrote about the parallels of the Kansas City Royals and CBE (We’re Like the Royals). One of the takeaways from that article is how all of it builds together to create a winning solution. 293 more words