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Old Enough to Begin Driving

7 quick takes today on my birthday boy, Patrick.


When kids are babies I expect them to change from year to year.  They are growing so fast from small helpless infant to mobile crawling baby to running crazy toddler and then suddenly they are starting school. 499 more words


7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Screech! It’s past the middle of September! How did we get here?? We’re finishing up the third week of cyber school and I’m STILL trying to get some semblance of routine with driving, home facilitating with school and housework. 593 more words

7 Quick Takes

7 Quick Takes on Excellent Books for Kids

— 1 —

My son absolutely loves reading. It’s driving me slightly crazy, because I spend my mornings reading “Somebunny Loves You” over and over and over again, and my afternoons reading “Hide and Seek Baby” over. 887 more words

7 Quick Takes

7 Quick Takes about pop tarts, airplane apps, and zumba

— 1 —

It is finished! The drip is done dripping. Our apartment looked like this for a while:

The Leasing Office of my apartment complex is about our unit and the air conditioner was dripping into our apartment for about a week. 631 more words

7 Quick Takes

7 Quick Takes about dreams that come true, dreams that are barely being dreamed and pest control.


So, last week I wrote about how I wanted to start The Red Door Foundation. Well, I kinda did it. I filed the DBA with the State of Texas and got and EIN from the IRS so we are legit and real. 719 more words

The Catholic Church

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. I know, I know, it’s been awhile. Sorry! End of summer + beginning of school year + a death in the family = blogging going out the door. 497 more words

7 Quick Takes

7 Super Things about September

Summer’s over, guys. Which is fine by me. I don’t like heat, humidity or occasions where it’s uncomfortable to wear a cardigan. Still, I know a lot of people feel a little out of sorts when fall arrives, so I’m here to help you focus on the bright side. 394 more words