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7 Quick Takes About An Arizona Work Trip, Pop or Soda, and a Blog-versary


Happy Friday! This is another I’m-writing-this-while-flying post, so please bear with me if I’m not able to complete all 7 takes before our plane lands in Minnesota! 539 more words


Seven firsts for baby #4 {pregnancy/birth edition}

As the fourth baby, there’s not many firsts for baby Zachary. I’m pretty determined to make sure I note those few and far between firsts, just so he can have some claims to fame. 766 more words


7 Quick Takes About Exciting Life Updates, Christmas Lights, and 10 Course Dinners


Happy Saturday! This week’s volume of 7 Quick Takes might be one of my favorites to date as I have two very exciting updates to share with you. 543 more words


7 Quick Takes about Baby Milestones, Movies and some Apologetics


Evelyn’s tooth finally came down, it only took several weeks, in which it would appear, then disappear and then appear off and on. This means that I’ve had a couple nights in a row, where I’ve only had to get up twice in the night instead of the usual twenty. 506 more words

7 Quick Takes

7 Quick Takes on The Grace of Yes, the book and life


With this new radio gig on Real Life Network , I apparently get review copies of books. This means that I actually get to say the words “I have to read this book for work”…. 1,006 more words


7 Quick Takes: Thanksgiving travels and more fun stuff

- 1 -

As you know, Thanksgiving was last week. Kevin and I got up at 4:30am that day to drive to PA, which I’m SO glad we did. 553 more words


7 Quick Takes: Cute Toddler Edition

The site got a minor make-over this week. As you’ll see at the top of the page on a computer or under the “Menu” tab on your smartphone, I’ve added a few pages to keep things organized, easy to find, and hopefully, more attractive to readers. 872 more words

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